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Babul Supriyo’s Future Predictions With TMC

In July, Babul Supriyo, a BJP MP and former Cabinet minister, abruptly resigned from the party and announced his political retirement. However, he has joined TMC a month later. Based on his first two terms in office, we can predict how he will fare in his second term with the help of his Kundli.

Will The Move Work?

Supriyo was born on Dec 15, 1970, in West Bengal. Ketu is transiting over his Sun and Jupiter at the time of his birth. This decision of his may turn disastrous in the future due to the planetary position. He did not make this decision at the appropriate moment as per his Surya kundli. Mamta Banerjee of TMC, on the other hand, will strive to offer him a position after this shift.

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