Afghan Future Through Astrology’s Lens

Afghan Future Through Astrology’s Lens

“As India celebrates entering 75th year of its independence from British rule, Afghanistan has all but fallen into the dark ages again,” tweeted a twitterati in reference to the ongoing Taliban insurgency. Our expert analysis states that while the coming years may not look stable for Afghanistan, some peace may be restored by Mar-Apr 2022. While, India would be able to nullify the security threats from the Taliban. Read on to know more how.


The control of Afghanistan is once again in the hands of ‘The Infamous Taliban’ after 20 years. On Apr 14, 2021, the US president, Joe Biden, announced that they are withdrawing the US forces and allies from Afghanistan which allowed the Taliban to intensify their insurgency. US-backed peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan government failed to make any significant progress.

Since then, the Taliban started attacks and captured provinces. Starting with the southern Helmand province; followed by capturing the Nerkh district just outside the capital Kabul, and taking down major cities such as Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Jalalabad, Herat, and provincial capitals of Afghanistan.

The promises made by the Taliban are contrary to their past records. The Taliban promised peace, order, and amnesty. They have vowed to protect minorities and women, alongside implementing Islamic laws. It means that the future of Afghan Women and minorities in Taliban rule may see some light. The question is: are they? Will they?


  • Taliban in Afghanistan predictions say that the transiting Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction always have a prominent impact on world politics. Currently, both the planets are moving retrograde and will be in conjunction yet again in Sept 2021. This conjunction will have a marked impact on the world. This could lead to some unfortunate events in Afghanistan.
  • Taliban may gain ground in Afghanistan. But, the Mars-Mercury conjunction also indicates that internal rifts between various groups and leaders of the Taliban may emerge. The differences will be visible and they will have to fight on many fronts despite their stronghold on Afghanistan. New leadership will emerge in Afghanistan and also within the Taliban.
  • Afghanistan is under the influence of the Capricorn sign hence the period between mid-Sept 2021 and Apr 2022 may not allow having political stability and a stable government in Afghanistan.
  • The transiting Rahu in Taurus and its forthcoming transit in Aries indicates that radical groups are most likely to have the upper hand in Afghanistan during the next couple of years. Rahu is the planet of illusion hence any transformation of ideology will be illusive only. No fundamental change can be seen in the coming days.
  • Mercury’s retrograde during Oct 2021 indicates that there will be many dealings happening behind the wall.
  • Afghanistan and Taliban, both will be facing uncertainty till mid-Jan 2022. The Mars-Ketu conjunction during the month of Dec 2021 may bring severe conflicts and war like situations in Afghanistan.
  • Lack of stability will bother the Afghanis till Mar 2022.


India may witness the change in equations with Afghanistan as the Taliban rises. Stress and disputes are more likely in store for the Indo-Afghan relationships. The good news is that due to the strong moon, India would be able to nullify the security threats from the Taliban.
India is currently under the influence of the Moon-Mercury dasha period and they are mutually harmful to each other. Moon rules the 3rd house of borders and neighbouring countries in India’s foundation chart. The planets like Sun, Saturn, and Venus are associated with the lord of the minor period till Dec 10, 2022 and therefore, India’s relations with bordering countries like Afghanistan would remain very sensitive and risky. The rise of the Taliban may change the equations of the Indo-Afghan relationship as there would be some stress and disputes on many issues.


The future of Taliban in Afghanistan in the coming days doesn’t seem so stable for Afghanistan. Due to the political instability and power of radical groups, Afghanistan is most likely to experience tension and hollow promises at least till March-Apr 2022.
Though times are not very peaceful for Afghanistan currently we hope for a peaceful and better future for Afghanistan.

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