Navratri 2024: Some Rules to Get Mataji’s Blessings


Nine forms of Mata are worshiped in Navratri. During this, devotees worship the mother, perform aarti and Jagran, etc. Mataji is pleased by worshiping the girl in Navratri. In such a situation, if you follow some rules on how to worship a girl, then the blessings of the mother will rain.

After worshiping Goddess Durga, the goddess of power, there is a tradition of worshiping the girl child. Although Kanya Puja can be done on any day of Navratri, it is usually done on Navami day. People who keep a fast take the resolution of Kanya Puja and Kanya Bhoj and with this Navratri comes to an end. However, there are also some rules, which should be followed. This pleases the mother.

Rules to Worship Girls in Navratri

After doing the Navratri aarti, the worship of nine girls and one child is considered a blessing. If this is not possible, then at least two girls should be served food.

During Kanya Puja, wash the feet of a girl and clean them with your hands. Keep in mind that the age of the girls should be between 2 to 10 years. Lord Shiva has kept each Bhairav ​​for the protection of Adishakti, so their worship is also considered necessary because without seeing Bhairav ​​after the visit of Shakti Peeth, the sight of the mother is also considered incomplete.

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