Importance Of Chandra Darshan Day

Chandra Darshan Story

Chandra Darshan is the ceremony of ‘Sighting the Moon ’ after Amavasya or the no moon day. The day holds enormous religious and spiritual importance. Devotees celebrate this day to honor Chandradev  or the Moon God with great fervour and devotion. In Hinduism, Chandra is considered to be the most  important and revered deity. Hindu lunar calendar is traditionally followed and so people believe the Moon to be more important than the Sun. The Moon is a favorable star associated with purity, wisdom and good intentions.

Chandra Day Significance

Moon symbolizes good health, wealth and virtues. It is a significant ‘Graha’ of the Navagrahas, which influences life on Earth. Furthermore, Moon is even more influential as per Holy scriptures as it follows the Lunar calendar. Chandradev is said to be the nurturer of animal and plant life on Earth. It is believed that the Moon was married to the 27 Nakshatras, who were the daughters of King Prajapati Daksha and also the father of planet Mercury or Budh. People believe a well placed Moon in a Janam Kundli helps the native with a prosperous and wholesome life. Therefore, on the Chandra Darshan day devotees worship the Moon to seek his divine blessings for success and good fortune. 

Chandra Darshan Dates

All Chandra Darshan Dates in 2020 and Moonset are as follows:

January 26th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Jan 25, 3:11 AM - Jan 26, 4:31 AM

Moonrise : Jan 26, 8:11 AM

Moonset : Jan 26, 7:30 PM

February 24th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Feb 23, 9:02 PM - Feb 24, 11:15 PM

Moonrise : Feb 24, 7:26 AM

Moonset : Feb 24, 7:07 PM

March 25th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Mar 24, 2:58 PM - Mar 25, 5:27 PM

Moonrise : Mar 25, 7:07 AM

Moonset : Mar 25, 7:32 PM

April 24th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Apr 23, 7:55 AM - Apr 24, 10:01 AM

Moonrise : Apr 24, 6:48 AM

Moonset : Apr 24, 8:00 PM

May 24th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : May 22, 11:08 PM - May 24, 12:17 AM

Moonrise : May 24, 6:49 AM

Moonset : May 24, 8:39 PM

June 22nd


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Jun 21, 12:11 PM - Jun 22, 11:59 AM

Moonrise : Jun 22, 6:25 AM

Moonset : Jun 22, 8:24 PM

July 21st


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Jul 20, 11:02 PM - Jul 21, 9:24 PM

Moonrise : Jul 21, 6:11 AM

Moonset : Jul 21, 8:00 PM

August 20th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Aug 19, 8:11 AM - Aug 20, 5:19 AM

Moonrise : Aug 20, 7:06 AM

Moonset : Aug 20, 8:10 PM

September 18th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Sep 17, 4:30 PM - Sep 18, 12:50 PM

Moonrise : Sep 18, 6:55 AM

Moonset : Sep 18, 7:25 PM

October 17th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Oct 17, 1:01 AM - Oct 17, 9:08 PM

Moonrise : Oct 17, 6:43 AM

Moonset : Oct 17, 6:39 PM

November 16th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Nov 15, 10:37 AM - Nov 16, 7:06 AM

Moonrise : Nov 16, 7:40 AM

Moonset : Nov 16, 6:51 PM

December 15th


Pratipada Tithi Timing : Dec 14, 9:46 PM - Dec 15, 7:06 PM

Moonrise : Dec 15, 7:31 AM

Moonset : Dec 15, 6:27 PM

Chandra Darshan Today

Chandra Darshan timings can differ between two cities.  Today Chandra Darshan will occur at 07:33 and end at 21:23 that is 09:23, as per Meridian passing. 

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Chandra Darshan Sankashti  

Chandra Darshan Sankashti is associated with Sankashti Chaturthi, which will be celebrated on May 10, 2020 with Moonrise time 10:26 Pm ( time may vary as per cities). Sankashti Chaturthi is also called Hara Chaturthi which is mostly celebrated on the fourth day of the Full Moon or Chandra Darshan Day. 

Chandra Darshan Time Today

Chandra Darshan time for today and coming six days is as follows( dates are based on the Gregorian calendar)
































Chandra Darshan 2020

Chandra Darshan will occur on Sunday 24th May, 2020 in the given auspicious time: 

Pratipada Tithi Timing

May 22, 11:08 PM - May 24, 12:17 AM


May 24, 2020 6:49 AM


May 24, 2020 8:39 PM

Chandra Darshan Benefits

Chandra Darshan day is to get special favors from the Moon god. Devotees worship the deity by observing strict fast and penance. It is believed that those who perform ritualistic Puja on this day are blessed with benefits of gaining good fortune , prosperity and intelligence. Fasting followed by chanting of sacred and powerful Chandra Mantras can help a person to gain spiritual wisdom and grace. One can also get bestowed with special benefits by worshipping the Chandra Yantra to discard negative energies. Offering donations of clothes, rice and sugar to Brahmins on the day is said to attract good omen.

Chandra Darshan Shubh Muhurat

Predicting the day of Chandra Darshan with Shubh Muhurat has always been a challenging task for Panchang makers. As before sunset, the Moon is only visible for a short span of time on the first day of Chandra Darshan. In short, the Moon sets about an hour after sunset and can only be visible after sunset due to its being in the same horizon of the Sun. The Moon can only be seen after sunset, when it also goes towards setting. Moonrise and Moonset time can differ in different cities of the same state. Thus, it is important to check Shubh Muhurta of Chandra Darshan by referring to a Panchang or by consulting an expert astrologer.

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