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Zarine Khan Set To Rule Popularity Charts In 2018-19, Foresees Ganesha

Zarine Khan Set To Rule Popularity Charts In 2018-19, Foresees Ganesha

Bollywood actress Zareen Khana also known as Zarine Khan shot into prominence with her much applauded 2010 movie Veer: An Epic Love Story of a Warrior. Besides, the worsening of Salman-Katrina relationship and subsequent closeness between Salman and Zareen was a much-discussed topic in the media. It is said that Zareen got Salman’s support in the early years of her career, but later she established herself firmly by winning the hearts of audience with her classy acting. Recently, she did the horror movie ‘1921’, directed by Vikram Bhatt. Well, Ganesha has now analysed her Surya Kundli as per Astrology and tried to peek into her future. Here are the findings:

Zarine Khan Birth Details
Date of Birth: 14th May 1987
Birth Time: Unavailable
Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Numerological Facts:

As per Numerology, her Janmank (Moolank) is 1 + 4= 5, which stands for Mercury. And Zarine Khan’s Bhagyank is 1+4+5+1+9+8+7 = 35=8, which signifies Saturn. And as per her Namank, ZARINE KHAN, 8+1+9+9+5+5 and 2+8+1+5 = 8, which belongs to Saturn. Besides, for the current year (2018), the Varshank is 2, which stands for Moon and the Varshank for the succeeding year (2019) is 3, which signifies Jupiter.

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Will Get More Fame After Working Hard In 2019:

So, her Moolank is Mercury and Bhagyank is Saturn. Mercury and Saturn are mutual friends, so she will attain success with less struggle. Her life can move on easily, with fewer obstacles. Besides, her Namank is 8 (Saturn), which can make her reach huge heights. Also, the Varshank for 2018 is 2 (Moon). And Moon is hostile to Bhagyank planet Saturn, which may make the year 2018 somewhat challenging for her. Besides, the Varshank for 2019 is 3, the number of Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are friends, while Jupiter and Mercury are hostile. So, Zarine Khan will have to work hard in 2019, to brighten her future.

The Planetary Positions:

Zarine Khan is born in the Aries Lagna sign. Mars, the Lord of her sign is in the 2nd house. On the other hand, Sun is exalted in Aries and is in conjunct with Venus. Mercury is In the second house in Taurus sign and Jupiter, the Lord of Pisces, is in the 12th house. Besides, Rahu is also conjunct. Also, Ketu is in the Virgo and Moon in the Scorpio is conjunct with Saturn.

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Challenges Will Present:

The planetary combination may create challenges and delays in her career. This situation will go on till 8th March 2019. Jupiter will try to lessen her difficulties. On 12th October 2018, Jupiter will transit the Scorpio sign along with Moon and Saturn. Thus, after 12th October 2018, Zarine may see a sharp rise in fame, prestige and respect. However, Zarine Khan should be well prepared to meet the challenges that will come her way.

Mars in Scorpio will make Zarine Khan work very hard between 2nd May 2018 and 6th November 2018. She will make financial gains between 6th November 2018 and 23rd December 2018. From 23rd December 2018 to 5th February 2019, Mars will transit Pisces sign. Thus, she is likely to make even more financial gains. But she will also need to safeguard her health. Between 5th February 2019 and 22nd March 2019, new doors of opportunities will open up; her hard work will yield fruits.

On the whole, a good and prosperous year is foreseen for Zarine Khan.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bindu Pandya,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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