Will the Controversial Stand-up Comedian Find Some Peace Or…?

Will the Controversial Stand-up Comedian Find Some Peace Or…?

The controversial stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui had indicated that he may not do any more performances after at least 12 of his performances were cancelled in the last two months. Earlier this year, Faruqui was imprisoned for a month on allegations of “insulting Hindu gods and goddesses” during one of his performances.

Faruqui from Junagadh, Gujarat, was born on Jan 28, 1992, with a Shani horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, even though Sun and Shani have a father-son relationship, there is never any harmony or peace between them. It is always a source of contention for the native. When Saturn and the Sun are conjunct, the person is frequently confronted with controversies. This could be one of the primary reasons for Munawar Faruqui’s present time period.

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Munavvar Farooqui’s Kundli also contains Angaraka dosha of Mars-Rahu. Mars-Rahu Angarak Dosha has a negative impact on a person’s profession, and he has always done some dangerous things as a result of this dosh. His horoscope contains a significant quantity of Shani of birth. Saturn is transiting at the same degree as the Sun. That is why bad things continue to happen to him and his shows are being cancelled.

Expert GaneshaSpeaks astrologers say that there is a chance that he may further get embroiled in legal troubles in the future. He will have to be careful!

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