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Will Planets Help Anil To Be Fit And Fine Again?

Will Planets Help Anil To Be Fit And Fine Again?

Mr India, Anil Kapoor, on Friday, i.e. on Nov 26, 2021, gave a health update to his fans from Germany. Anil likes sharing various aspects of his life on social media to give people an insight into his life. He shared a video of himself on the snowy streets of Germany.

He captioned the post, “A perfect walk in the snow! Last day in Germany! On my way to see Dr. Muller for my last day of treatment! So thankful to him for his magical touch!” However, his caption caused concern among his fans. After all, which planets are creating problems in the life of Anil Kapoor?

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Born on Dec 24, 1956, Anil Kapoor has a conjunction of Jupiter and Moon in his horoscope which creates Gaj Kesari Yoga. Due to this yoga, he always remains enthusiastic about work, and he also gets positive results.

There is also a combination of Saturn and Rahu, which creates Shapit dosha. It may not have a significant impact on Anil’s life. At present, Ketu is the reason behind Anil’s health. Actually, there is a negative transit of Ketu over the natal Saturn and Venus in his horoscope. This has a direct effect on his health. Despite this, he continues to work in films.

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