Who will become an Indian Idol?

The battle is now between the two best singers, Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang to become an Indian Idol. The program will be telecast on Friday and Saturday at 9 pm by Sony channel. Ganesha gives astrological analysis about who will become an Indian idol next.

Amit Paul was born in Shilong on 28th December 1982. Amit’s family is from Siliguri and Shillong. He is the eldest son of Dipak and Jaya Paul. He has one younger sister Meenakshi. Amit had discontinued his studies after 12 and used to assist his father and uncles in the family garment business apart from doing occasional music shows. The position of Venus in his Moon chart is denoting keen interest in singing, music and arts.

Prashant Tamang was born in 4th January in Tundsung which is situated in West Bengal. His parents are Rupa Tamang and Late Madan Tamang. Venus, the significator of singing, is situated in 6th house (house of Job) thus it doesn’t influence the 2nd house of Voice modulation which is most important for making a magical voice. Hence, Venus is not supporting Prashant’s voice. In the Amit Paul’s chart, Venus is situated in 8th house from the Moon, which is aspecting the 2nd house of Voice modulation, which means Amit’s Voice quality is totally under the influence of Venus.

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Prashant's Chandra Kundali,

On the contrary, considering Prashant’s Chandra Kundali, transiting Jupiter is passing through 4th house from the Moon, which doesn’t indicate any positive effect over the 7th house, concerned with fame and name. Transiting Rahu is also unfavorable for earning public esteem. Hence Ganesha finds that Prashant will not win the competition of Indian idol. Ganesha observes that in Amit’s chart, currently, transiting Jupiter is passing through 7th house from the Moon and is aspecting the 11th house of fulfillment, 1st house of prosperity as well as 3rd house. Taking this into account, Amit will earn name and fame during this favourable transit of Jupiter. Ganesha feels that there is no problem in his singing career and public support. The final result would be surely encouraging for Amit. He will win this competition and will become an Indian idol. Ganesha feels that Amit Paul will earn recognition by considering aspect of Jupiter.

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By analyzing both Chandra Kundali and the strengths and weakness of all the planets, Ganesha arrives to conclusion that, Amit Paul will become an Indian Idol.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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