Vidya Balan: Will the Lioness of Bollywood Find Success?

Vidya Balan: Will the Lioness of Bollywood Find Success?

Vidya Balan has recently completed the shooting of her film ‘Jalsa’. In this film, she will be playing the role of a business tycoon. The shooting of this film was done in the Bandra and Khar area of ​​Mumbai. Some time ago, Vidya’s ‘Sherni’ was released on amazon prime, which was an average success. Now Vidya’s hopes rest on Jalsa, with fine actors like Manav Kaul and Shefali Shah.

Let us know what the possibilities in Vidya’s Surya Kundli are:

Decision-Making Becomes Hard

Born on Jan 1, 1979, Jupiter is exalted, and Moon has a complete vision on her in her birth chart. This results in Gajakesari Yoga, which is formed when a Kendra from the Moon is occupied by Jupiter. It is known to be the most potent and promising yogas known in Vedic astrology. As a result of this yoga, she finalizes the scripts of films very carefully. Her coming time may prove to be a bit difficult, as Saturn is transiting over her natal Moon, and Ketu is transiting over his natal Mercury and Venus, which weakens her decision-making ability.

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