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Tom Cruise may turn a spendthrift

Tom Cruise may turn a spendthrift

Tom Cruise’s estimated fortune is 250 million dollar and he enjoys spending money like water nowadays. He spends money over motorcycles, homes and even over personal security. Those who know him closely have stated that he loves to brag about his big houses, planes and whatever he possesses. In 2007 Tom spent 1 million dollar on fuel! Wow, this is amazing, Tom is spending his good fortune on lavish living. Ganesha analyses Tom’s current financial disposition with magnifying glass of Astrology.Natal Promise of Money matters in Tom’s Chart

Birth Date 3rd July 1962
Birth time 12:05 pm
Birth place Syracuse (NY), USA
Tom Cruise Birth Horoscope


Natal Promise and fortune in Tom Cruise’s Horoscope
Ganesha observes that Tom is born with Virgo Ascendant and second house of finance’s Lord Venus is placed in Cancer with 11th house Lord Moon in the 11th house itself. This makes him fortunate about money matters no doubt. His Fortuna (Part of Fortune) is in Virgo at 23 degree, very close to second house Cusp. This strengthens his luck in case of money matters.


Ganesha also observes that his Predominant Element is Earth. Generally people with predominant earth element are very practical in case of money matters or at least they enjoy good ‘worldly comforts’ depending on strength of earth element and balance of other elements with the same. Tom’s powerful Earth Element supports acquisition of wealth, notes Ganesha.

Ashtakvarga and Tom Cruise’s Financial Fortune


Ganesha often takes Ashtakvarga into serious consideration while analysing wealth potential. In Tom Cruise’s Sarvashtakvarga, 10th house contains 25 Auspicious Bindus, Eleventh house of Gains contains 29 Auspicious Binuds and Twelfth house of Losses has 23 Auspicious Bindus. Here, the difference between 11th house and 12th house Bindus is 6, which indicates that he will not have strong tendency to save but as he has 25 Bindus in the second house of Finance, which is greater than 23 Bindus falling in the 12th house, Ganesha feels that later in life, he will have to be extra careful and cautious about financial planning else he might have very less margin between his accumulated wealth and expenses. Venus, the Lord of Second house of money matters in Tom’s chart has occupied 5 Auspicious Bindus in Cancer so it is better than average, say it has 62.5 % strength. Interestingly, his 12th house of losses Lord Sun occupies 5 Bindus in Gemini which is equal to the Bindus occupied by Dhan Bhuvan Lord Venus so he may believe that whatever he is earning is to enjoy the life and may not have much of interest in saving the money, although he might have secured and planned his future well. So, tendency to enjoy materialistic pleasure may be little high, as observed here, which inspires him to spend money.

Ganesha observes that transiting Saturn and Ketu are passing through the 12th house in his chart at present, over Natal Uranus and Pluto. Saturn is Lord of the fifth and sixth house so money is spent for beloved one’s pleasures as well. Pluto are Uranus are distantly placed planets occupying his 12th house so realisation about spendthrift nature may come to him very late in life and by then the expenses he may incur may be greater and wacky types. Transiting Jupiter is aspecting Natal Sun the Lord of 12th house so expenses although seem to shoot the sky at present but he may be able to handle them wisely. As he is born with Virgo Ascendant and Pisces Navmansha, it can also be said that he can be his own good enemy; however, as he has relocated from his birth place, this rule is ruled out to some extent.

Dasha’s Role in Tom Cruise’s horoscope
Tom is passing through Venus major period at present, ruling till February 2019. Venus is posited in the 11th house with Moon and Rahu. Venus doesn’t have close conjunction with Rahu (Distance of ten degrees) so there are least probabilities of him having too much financial problem in Venus Dasha, except for credit card bills or loan amounts shooting high.

Summary of Tom Cruise’s Financial outlook at present
Considering all the factors explained here, Ganesha feels that Tom Cruise is not going to experience major break down on his fiscal front in the nearer future except for some eventual financial fluctuation hence his fans and his wife Katie need not worry at all. Even if he spends lavishly, he will be able to meet expenses and may enjoy spending money the way he wishes. In later stage of life he may realise the value of savings but by then he might as well have good balance to depend on. In short, if media is projecting that Tom is going to end up broke, Astrology foresees him just facing some upheavals but not completely disastrous financial situation. This forecast is based on his planetary transits and Dasha Bhuktis at present to throw light on the matter that he has been spending money lavishly and everyone is worried that he could end up broke!

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless Tom Cruise with all good fortunes and wise handling of money matters.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team