Fame, Success and Romance shall be peeking in Tom Cruise's life, Says Ganesha...

Extraordinary fame, Overwhelming stardom and Tremendous Popularity- these things are some of the aspects that are magnificently personified by the man with the killer-looks and mesmerising charm- Tom Cruise! He is literally a super-actor and a star-performer and is one of the most popular faces of Hollywood. Starting his career at the age of 19 in the film Endless Love, there's been no looking back for Tom, who seems to have been born to exemplify stardom! Having acted in successful films like The Last Samurai, Vanilla Sky, War of the Worlds and innumerable others and even winning a lot of awards for his spectacular performances, he has wooed the movie-lovers like never-before! He has also been rated by Premiere among the top 20 in its annual Power 100 list, 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History among various others. He has been named the most Powerful Person of the Hollywood more than one time! His life is surely an illustrious one and is a sky full of bright stars! Currently, his next film- Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is set ot release in the last week of July. So Ganesha, with the help of Astrology, predicts how his next Movie will fare and what the future has in store for him. Read on.... 
Tom Cruise
Date of birth :-  03rd July, 1962
Birth Time :-      15.06 P.M..
Place of Birth :- Syracuse, New York, USA
Natal Chart
Astrological Observation
  • Ganesha observes that Jupiter is currently transiting over the Natal Moon(swagruhi), Venus and Rahu through the 10th House of  Tom Cruise's Natal Chart till 14th July, 2015. It is aspecting retrograde Saturn(swagruhi) and Ketu of the 4th  House of his Natal Chart.
  • After that, Jupiter will begin his transit in the sign of Leo and it will be aspecting his Natal retrograde Jupiter placed in the 5th House  of his Birth Chart .
  • Saturn will be transiting through the 2nd House and will be aspecting the Natal retrograde Saturn and Ketu in his Chart, throughout the next year.
  • Post January 2016, Ketu will be transiting over his Natal Jupiter.
  • He is under the influence of the major period of Venus and sub period of Mercury till 17th September, 2015. Major period of Venus will be ending on 16th November, 2016.
Astrological Predictions :-
1) What are the planetary placements and combinations that make him such a hugely successful star?
  • Tom Cruise is born with Libra Ascendant. Venus the lord of the Ascendant (significator of arts) is placed in the 10th House of profession with the Lord of the House of profession, Moon. Venus should always be in a position of Power in the chart of a celebtity and in this case, we can clearly see a beautiful combination of the two planets which represent Creativity and Art- Venus and the Moon. So, this combination is one of the most striking points that explains his tremendous success as an actor. 
  • Besides this, Venus is placed in the friendly sign of Aquarius in Navamsha Chart. Venus, the Lord of the Ascendant is aspecting Saturn, the Lord of the 5th House of performance, which is posited in the 4th House. Even this relationship between Venus and Saturn, who happen to be the Ascendant Lord and the Yogaraka Planet respectively, is very conducive for his success and the phenomenal rise, and more interesting is the fact that these two key planets are placed in Quadrants (Kendras) from the Ascendant, and are having some association with both the House of Profession as well as the Lord of the House of Profession, which is the 10th House.  Neptune is posited in the Ascendant, which is also supportive for the matter.  
  • Getting deeper in his analysis, Ganesha observes that there is also a combination of Venus and Rahu in Tom's Natal Chart. This combination is said to be a very good combination for creativity. 
  • He is under the influence of major period of Venus and sub period of Mercury, the Lord of House of fortune. Interestingly, the Mahadasha of Venus has been going on from the past 19 years for Cruise, which has been highly instrumental in catapulting him to such dizzying heights. Venus the karaka or the factor responsible for Stardom has been extraordinarily supportive of Tom Cruise, says Ganesha.
2) How is his upcoming movie- Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation going to fare? Will the audience get thrilled?
  • The transit of Jupiter in the sign of Cancer from around the past one year has been highly favourable for Tom, as Jupiter has been passing over the triumvirate of Moon, Venus and Rahu. Thus, this particular positive influence would have had helped Tom greatly, as the shooting for the movie has been going on from around an year, coinciding with the transit of Jupiter.  The movie Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation is about to release in the end of July 2015, and it will surely get him the applause and admiration of the  audience as the transit of Jupiter will then pass through the Sign of Leo of his Natal Chart, which happens to be the 11th House(Success, Popularity and Gains). The Jupiter will be aspecting the Natal Jupiter placed in the House of performance(5th House) of his Chart. All these factors look highly conducive for great success and renown. 
3) How will be the matters at the romance-relationship front be for the actor?
  • The transit of Jupiter through the Leo sign will ignite a great spark in Tom's life, as it will be aspecting the 7th House of the Chart which is related with the matters of marriage, partnerships, romance, love-making and marital bliss. Besides this, he is also under the influence of Major period of Venus, which is a significator of love and relationships with the opposite sex. All these positive effects of Planets will favour the sprout of new relationships. Ganesha says that Tom may surely meet someone interesting in the coming days and we all may get the news of Tom dating that pretty lady!  
4) What does the year ahead have in store for him?
  • A Very good period is in store for him in the year ahead. As said earlier, the transit of Jupiter through the Sign of Leo and besides this, the major period of Venus will be continuing till 16th September, 2016. So, as Venus is the lord of the Ascendant, the period for the Tom Cruise for his career as well as well as for his romance-relationship will be great and there will surely be a lot to look forward to, Ganesha feels. 
  • In short, the coming year will prove to be fantastic for him. His efforts will give him the desired results and he shall surely rock the Hollywood.
Ganesha wishes great luck to Tom Cruise for his forthcoming film and may he achieve even greater success.  
With Ganesha's Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay and Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team