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Tom Cruise Horoscope: Making Every Mission Possible

An American actor and producer Tom Cruise is the most popular actor in the world. His smiling and charming personality makes everyone fall for him and thus, his popularity increases all over the world. Not to forget that he is one of the highest-paid actors in the world of cinema. He won three Golden Globe Awards and three times nominated for Academy Awards.

Let’s do an analysis of Tom Cruise horoscope and interpret the reasons why he became such a special actor and popular in the international movie industry which gave him name and fame.

Tom Cruise Birth Date: July 03, 1962.
Time of Birth: 03.06 p.m.
Place of Birth: Syracuse.

tom cruise kundli

As per the Tom Cruise Kundli, Sun is placed in the Gemini makes him a very engaging and entertaining person. This placement gives him inborn talent to be a star in the movie industry. Conjunction of Rahu,Moon and Venus makes him a very magnetic and attractive celebrity which helps to hold the attraction of masses.The conjunction of these planets brings a lot of power to the birth chart which gives immense popularity and unconditional desire to get success in life. The position of Mercury and Mars in the 12th house of the Tom Cruise horoscope gives name with fame internationally. Moon in Cancer helps him to express emotionally very well and yet enhances his acting ability at its best.

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So as per the date of birth, what the upcoming year holds for him and what are the changes in his personal and professional life, will decide his upcoming success.

As per the Tom Cruise horoscope, Saturn transit in the eighth house over natal Saturn and Ketu will not be that good for professional life during this year.Saturn transit might bring delay to the professional commitments and activity. However, this Saturn transit will help him to deeply introspect some of the things in life. Jupiter transit in Aquarius will bring some positivity and reduce the negativity of the Saturn transit. Jupiter transit will bring fortune for this year. He is going through Venus mahadasha and Ketu antardasha which will again create some hurdles which will delay things for him. Unexpected changes in his life are there in Tom Cruise Horoscope, too.

As per the Tom Cruise horoscope, this 2021 year health will be a major concern for him. Rahu transit in the twelfth house of the chart can create some serious health troubles. Rahu is transiting over natal Mars and Mercury can trigger some health issues as Ketu is also transiting through the Sixth house of the natal chart. Moreover, he is going through Venus mahadasha and Ketu antardasha which is not that good for health as well. He must be cautious during this year, tells Tom Cruise Horoscope. However, divine Jupiter will reduce the ill effects of it.

As per Tom Cruise Astrology, this 2021 will not be that good for the wealth prospects of his life. As he is going through Venus mahadasha and Ketu antardasha which will surely create some problems to attain wealth. Saturn transit in Capricorn is also not favorable as it might delay or create restrictions for this year in terms of money gains. However, Jupiter transit 2021 will bring a new optimism in his life. Rahu transit in Taurus in Tom Cruide Horoscope will give him chances to create more international tie ups and help him to travel to other countries.

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As per the Tom Cruise future astrology, Yes!- the future will be very good for Tom Cruise as many more changes in his life are upcoming. Planet of expansion Jupiter will surely bless him in unexpected ways for his professional career and increase his popularity throughout the world. As he is going through Venus mahadasha and as it is going through the last phase but soon the dasha will end and he will enter a new life which will bring all around success and happiness.

So, overall even though this year will give him mixed results. He can expect something new but still might face problems to achieve it, says Tom Cruise Horoscope. Yes, health will be the major concern for him this year as time is not that favourable for health. Even though this year can be ups and down, surely there are many more changes in his upcoming life and in future.

This birthday , we wish him a Happy Birthday and success for the year ahead!

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