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Happy Birthday Tabu : Is really someone suitable coming in her life?

Tabu is one of the demanding female characters of Bollywood industry and has always blown everyone away with her stellar performance. She is an enigma, a force of nature, who has challenged every stereotype without the agenda of bringing about a revolution. Tabu has always strived for such a character who didn’t relegate the female presence behind the “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota” of Indian’s heroes and instinctively portrayed different moods and myriad people on screen with her trademark ‘intensity’. From the time of her birth, she has this uncanny ability to surprise. The actress continuity of thinking out of the box, with a mixture of natural fragrance is so pleasing and seems so effortless.

Tabu is such a mindblowing actress who requires no further introduction. His prowess as a performer is enough to prove her versatility. Be it a lead role or a small role, everything is safe in her hand. It’s like she is just bound to draw attention with her effortless and poignant performance.

Now, in just a few days she will turn 50, let’s check out some of the unknown facts she may expect in her future based on her Astrological Chart

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Date of Birth: 4 Nov, 1971
Time of Birth: Not Known
Place of Birth: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

As per her Zodiac Sign Scorpio, she will soon be under the influence of the major period of Jupiter, which is posited in the 2nd house that aspect Ketu in the 10th house. After the end of the sub-period of the Sun on 10th January 2021, she will enter the sub-period of the Moon. Rahu will be transiting in her 2nd House and Saturn makes a transit over Rahu posited in the 4th house of her Surya Chart. The combination of all this transit may bring good results for her.

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It is a fact that Tabu is the most versatile actress if compared to her contemporaries and soon we will be seeing her in a never seen before avatar in the upcoming movie Bhool Bhulaiya 2. The movie may overpower her previous movie Golmaal again as in the coming period she will be under the influence of Ketu due to which she may taste brilliant success through this movie and receive myriad of applause for her performance.

As a brand ambassador of Tetra Pack India associated and as seen in her planetary position in her birth chart, she may find success in her new healthy living agenda. The Moon, which is the lord of the 10th house in her birth chart, confirms that she may even go for some innovative method to reach millions of hearts, like distributing the Milk in cartoons.

The upcoming sub-period of the moon and transit of benefic Jupiter in Capricorn is a clue that she may find a break from prolonged loneliness. Also she may attach someone from the business world or a person of high dignity in her life to settle down and enjoy the rest of her life as a beautiful couple of Bollywood.

The transit of Ketu in the 8th house of her chart may cause some minor glitch regarding her health in the form of back pain or dizziness. Otherwise she may be leading to a healthy lifestyle during the year.

Tabu is blessed with Venus as an Ascendant lord and Jupiter, which is a lord of the 3rd house that represents Karma, activities or work of an individual. Both the planets have posited in the 2nd house, and the aspect of Saturn in her 5th house indicates that she might find success as a good director the way she received as an actress.

Tabu is really a bright actress, and her upcoming films promise to be entertaining. The team of Ganesha wishes this elegant diva a happy birthday and success for the coming movies.

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