Income Tax Raid at Sonu Sood’s House: Is This a Planetary Game?

Income Tax Raid at Sonu Sood’s House: Is This a Planetary Game?

Six locations, including Sonu Sood’s house and office, have been under investigation by the Income Tax Department team for the last two days. In the recent past, during the Corona period, Sonu emerged as a messiah for the needy where he arranged transportation for many. Since then, he has been continuously in the news for providing all kinds of help to the people. Recently, the Delhi government also announced him as its brand ambassador.

But this time, the actor is in the limelight because of the Income Tax raids. What does Sonu Sood’s horoscope say about this?

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Bad Timing for Sonu Sood

Sun and Moon are together in Sonu’s horoscope, due to which Amavasya Dosha is being formed in his horoscope at present, which is not considered auspicious. At the same time, the cursed effect of Shani is also present in his horoscope. Both the malefic effects put the actor in positive as well as negative publicity.

According to Sonu’s horoscope, his challenging time started from Oct 20, 2020, due to which this raid may increase his troubles by tarnishing his image. Because Sonu has earned a lot of name and respect for his good deeds during the Corona period, he will continue to get the love of people with some good coincidences.

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