Predictions Amavasya and its effects on Different Sun signs

Amavasya and its effects on Different Sun signs

Amavasya has been taken as an auspicious day by many. While, there is still another sect which considers Amavasya as an inauspicious day. Amavasya has its effects on all the sun signs. Ganesha studies these effects on various signs in the month of January in this article. Here is a list of time when Amavasya will occur in January 2008.

January 8, 2008:

Tuesday, Amavasya till 17:07,

Poorvashadha till 22:59, Vyaghata yoga till 3:57*,

Naga karana till 17:07, Kimstughna karana till 5:33*,

RahuK: 16:16 – 17:46, GulikaK: 13:16 – 14:46, YamaG: 10:16 – 11:46,

Sunrise at 7:16, Sunset at 17:40,

Moonrise at 7:43*, Moonset at 17:41, Moon in Sg till 5:19*

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The latter part of this month shall be more beneficial for your gains, development and destiny. You shall also enjoy lot of reputation. The cooperation of close friends shall be beneficial for accomplishing your pending tasks. Abstain from excessive greed otherwise you would loose your mental peace. This shall prove to be a more positive month for the improvement of your health.

Your savings shall start increasing. Maintain the sweetness of your speech. Ganesha warns you not to be indifferent in carrying your responsibilities towards your family. The behavior with siblings shall be positive. You shall get benefited by partnership business.

The current period is suitable for buying/selling land; house vehicle etc. the latter part of the month is auspicious for the accomplishment of task.

This month shall be average for your gains and peace of mind. Ganesah says to be careful about your health. Be careful about your health. Try to escape from tension and anxiety. Avoid getting into unnecessary argument. You shall be able to arrange funds for investment with the help of your close friends.

Your saved money might get spent on important tasks. Religious and auspicious ceremonies might take place in your family. People shall get impressed because of the sweetness of your speech. You might face the problem of difference of opinion with your siblings because of family reasons.

The planetary position is not auspicious for buying property. Students interest in their studies hall remains average. Parents would find it difficult to handle the issues related to their children. Take decisions about litigation matters sensibly. Current time is not much favorable for litigation matters.

By the Grace of Ganesha this month shall bring positive results for making you effortful and enterprising. Pending tasks shall catch up pace. Partnership shall prove beneficial. There shall be quick improvement in your health. You shall take interest in material comforts. You shall take interest in literature and music. There shall be an increase in your expenses. Unnecessary expenses shall get controlled. Mutual harmony with siblings might get reduced. Try to handle your tasks on your own.

The planetary transit is auspicious for buying land, house, vehicle etc. The time is favorable for selling also. There shall be an increase in your social reputation and position. Try to understand your responsibilities towards your family. Students might face few difficulties in educational matters. Your confidence shall remain intact.

You are likely to face lot of problems in this month. There is some probability that you might see a say of hope for the recovery of your blocked money. Dont get into an agreement which goes against your sentiments otherwise you might have to repent later. Try to abstain from getting into unnecessary argument.

Your financial position might show the signs of crippling because of uncontrolled expenses, sees Ganesha. Dont loose you temper otherwise you might get into bigger trouble. There is probability of development of difference of opinion with family members. You are likely to become victim of problems like fever, headache and joint pain. You shall enjoy sufficient cooperation from siblings. You shall spend money on buying of property. Your position in society shall remain average. Be careful from your secret opponents. It shall be difficult for students to pay enough attention towards their studies. Try to become positive in your thinking. In love relationship you shall have troubles.

This month is favorable to earn appreciation for your academic faculties. There shall be an increase in your income. You shall get a chance to go on a lengthy journey. You might initiate debate regarding welfare plans. This month is very auspicious to devise powerful plans. Your health shall remain fit. Your intellectual abilities shall definitely help you to consolidate your financial position. You shall develop intimacy with your own people.

You shall spend good time with your family members. People shall support your because of your good behavior. You shall get an opportunity to go on a visit to a place of pilgrimage. You can go already to buy land, house or vehicle. You might be able to sell your old property. You shall definitely enjoy the cooperation of your parents. For students and consultants this is an auspicious month.

This month shall bring standard results for your gains and income. Your profits shall boost. You might go on a journey to a far away place. Avoid hypertension. Your behavior otherwise shall remain positive only. You might spend money on auspicious deeds.

Bring transparency in your system of working. You shall have to work harder for the consolidation of your financial position. You family related tensions would get reduced considerably. This month is average for making efforts regarding purchase of new property. Pay attention towards the health of your family members. Students shall become more interested in their studies. Current time is not favorable for the appropriate settlement of legal issues. Dont become victim of inferiority complex, says Ganesha.

This month shall show generally positive for your income, social relation, confidence and efforts. You shall enjoy cooperation and recognition in society from everybody including close friends and relatives. Your pending tasks shall get accomplished. You shall earn lot of gains on your professional front. Family problems shall get solved. You shall get an opportunity to go on foreign tour. This shall prove to be an auspicious month for your health too.

This shall prove to be an auspicious month for the improvement of your financial position. It wont create any negative impact on your mind. Maintain sweetness of your speech. You can make investment sensibly. You shall develop an interest in religious activities. This shall prove a very beneficial month financially. Try to keep harmony with siblings to ensure calm in family.

This is an fortunate month for your monetary gains. You shall win positive reception from your subordinates and seniors. You shall be focused about your career. Your expenses on daily use items shall increase. Be cooperative in your behavior with your siblings. Be good in your behavior. You can play an important role in solving family problems. Be cautious about your social reputation.

This month is generally good for the studies of students. They shall do realistically well in their studies. They might go overseas for their higher studies. Love relation shall go smoothly. Respect the sentiments of your children. Respect the sentiments of your parents and dont get into any argument with them, says Ganesha.

This month shall prove to be a auspicious month for your health, children, education, married life and destiny. Try to avoid hypertension. You would be able to increase your savings. You might become the victim of illusions unnecessarily.

There shall be an increase in your saved wealth which would become the reason of your mental happiness. Respect the feelings of your parents. You shall participate in religious activities. Your social life shall improve. Love life shall improve and there shall be improvement in marital happiness too. Your spouse might become more aggressive. Students shall do very well in their studies.

This shall be a normal month for your growth. Your operating cost shall increase. You might get into quarrel with your relatives. Dont become the victim of argument, family tensions and uncontrolled temper etc. There shall be needless worries in your mind. You might face difficulties on professional front. There would be obstacle in marriage talks. Try to spend your saved money sensibly. You might loose your patience. Cooperation of parents shall remain intact. Their guidance would prove beneficial for you. Students shall be doing generally well in their studies. You might go on a long journey. Love relationship shall improve.

This month is valuable to make progress in your commercial area. Your social status shall get improved. You shall be enjoying the cooperation of your close friends. There shall be auspicious improvement in your professional life. Those who are expecting issue might get auspicious indications for the fulfillment of this desire. For health also it shall be generally an auspicious month. You shall get the favor of seniors. Take decisions sensibly. Your fiscal position shall recover. Those who are unemployed are likely to get employment. You shall be able to generate additional sources of income. You can make investment in this month. The family atmosphere shall be very good. Some auspicious ceremony might take place at your home. You shall be helping your siblings.

The latter part of the month is auspicious for buying/selling property. Dont do anything in haste in this connection. You shall develop connections with senior people.

The planetary transit is fortunate for your pleasure and advancement. Your reputation shall get enhanced and you shall be able to develop connections with the people occupying senior post of responsibility. You can expect growth, expansion and betterment on your professional front. This shall prove to be an favorable month from fitness point of view too. Ganesha advises you to develop positive thinking for getting propitious results in future. The There shall be an increase in your savings. financial aspect of your life shall get consolidated. Use your wealth sensibly. Try to maintain harmony in your family. Maintain sweetness of speech and dont use bitter words at all. People shall respect your feelings.

Ganesha showers his blessings on all the sun signs on the auspicious or inauspicious time of Amavasya.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt
The Ganeshaspeaks Team