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Sonu Nigam Horoscope: Artistic Talent & Growth

One of the most popular and successful playback singers in Bollywood is none other than Sonu Nigam. He sings songs in various languages, which gives him a name and fame all around the world. His voice is compared to late legendary singer Mohammed Rafi, and in today’s era, he is known as Modern Rafi. He inspired many music directors and new generation singers as well. His sweet voice is so mesmerising that everyone feels the connection very strongly. He is a multi-talented person who has also acted in some films, hosted singing shows and was the judge as well.

So, what makes him so special in all his creative talent? Whether it’s singing, acting, hosting or even judging the show, he is up to the mark and every time appreciated for his work. So, let’s reveal what things are hidden in Sonu Nigam’s Kundli.

As per Sonu Nigam Horoscope, he is born as Sun in Cancer, which truly makes him a very imaginative and artistic person. Soul significator Cancer Sun makes him a very calm and soothed person, which reflects every time in his performance. Sonu Nigam’s zodiac sign Cancer blesses him with refined and sweetness in his voice. Sun and Moon conjunction in Cancer makes him an extremely talented and intuitive, creative person. Mercury in Gemini makes him flexible and a great mimic artist, which again strengthens his artistic talent. We are not surprised by all his work till yet so far with these all auspicious planetary positions.

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Date of Birth: July 30, 1973.
Time of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Faridabad.

sonu nigam kundli

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So what’s in the year 2021 for Sonu Nigam? What can we expect from him? Is anything new from him? Let’s talk about it with a proper Sonu Nigam Horoscope Analysis.

Saturn transit in Capricorn will give him a very good ability to lead masses this year. His approach towards his career will be very serious as he will take some major decisions with respects to his career. Jupiter transit in Aquarius will bring unexpected changes in his life, but it will be very good for him. Venus transit through Cancer will be very good for him as it might bring new things in his life which will help him in future, says Sonu Nigam Horoscope. As he is going through Venus mahadasha and Ketu antardasha, which will create problems in getting desired results. 2022 again brings changes in his life.

This year will give mixed results for his health as per Sonu Nigam Horoscope. Rahu transit in Taurus and Ketu in Capricorn will surely give some positivity this year. Jupiter transit in Aquarius will also be good for health as the divine protector will help him to maintain health. As he is going through Venus dasha and Ketu antardasha, he may face health conditions till 2022. Saturn transit in Capricorn will surely give him the positivity to plan things for health. Yoga and meditation will be very helpful with the help of Saturn transit.

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Yes, the future of his singing career will surely be good. Even though 2021 is not that good for his overall career, 2022 will be far better and brighter than this. Venus dasha and Ketu antardasha can create some hurdles to get the desired result, but it will surely end next year, and he will enter a new phase of life. This time is to reinvent, to go and come back with something new in his career. Next year will bring more name and fame with all his creative talent.

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As per Sonu Nigam horoscope, even though this year is a little bit slow for him, this year, he will plan things as per his desires and goals. From the next year, 2022, there will be a drastic change in his life. He will enter a new role in his life. Apparently, this will be the start of a new beginning in his life. Sooner or later, we will definitely see his new creative talent, and he will again come back into action. It’s just for the time being.

We wish him a very happy birthday and many more good wishes for the future!

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