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Shiva Karthikeyan in Doctor 2021

Shiva Karthikeyan in Doctor 2021

Irrespective of Doctor being a Tamil language movie, it is becoming the choice of people due to its storyline, acting, and direction. The film revolves around military doctor Shiva Karthikeyan. He comes for a visit to Chennai and gets embroiled in the case of a missing girl there. The chemistry which is shown between Shiva and his co-star Priyanka is also something that kept the audience hooked.

Born on Feb 17, 1985, in Singampunari, this film of Karthikeyan was released in India on Oct 9. In Shiva’s birth chart there is Mars and Venus in Pisces, which is considered auspicious for him to be in the film industry and media. On the other hand, there is Lakshmi Yoga of Moon and Jupiter, and both of them make the entire horoscope strong.

Ketu is passing from Saturn which makes his kundali strong and makes his future bright in whatever that he does.

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