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Bollywood’s Chocolate Boy Shahid Kapoor to Expand his Career to New Heights, Horoscope 2021

Bollywood’s Chocolate Boy Shahid Kapoor to Expand his Career to New Heights, Horoscope 2021

Shahid Kapoor is a Bollywood entertainer who carved his way into the Hindi entertainment world. His initial roles in the movies helped him create a chocolate boy image. Son of renowned entertainer Pankaj Kapoor, Shahid, famously known as ‘Shasha’ started his journey as a background dancer for Hindi movies while working for Shiamak Davar’s dance academy. He has been an essential part of the industry for 20 years.

The entertainer isn’t just known for his beguiling looks, but on the other hand, is viewed as a serious and genuine actor in the wake of giving fruitful hits like ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘Kaminey’. A London-based weekly, Eastern Eye, positioned the entertainer as the fourth ‘Hottest Asian Man in The World’ in 2011. In 2012, the entertainer won the title of ‘Chivas Award for The Ultimate GQ Man’. The entertainer won different honours for his part in Haider.

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About Shahid Kapoor

Date of Birth: 25th February 1981
Birth Time: 04:30 pm
Place of Birth: New Delhi

Shahid Kapoor’s Kundli

Shahid Kapoor kundali

As per Vedic Jyotish, The Sun is transiting in Aquarius. The predictions are made by thinking about the Sun’s situation in Lagna’s home. At the time of Shahid’s birth, Moon was going through Vishakha Nakshatra of Libra. Also, the ruler of Vishakha Nakshatra is Jupiter, so Shahid is decidedly affected by Jupiter. Shahid served the time of Jupiter’s Maha Dasha from the years 1972 to 1988.

Before starting his acting career, Shahid gave his essence in numerous melodies and collections. Shahid’s father Pankaj Kapoor, is also a notable entertainer and his mom, Neelima Azeem, is a decent artist. Gaining motivation from his folks, Shahid turned himself into a Bollywood brand and international cinema as an artist. Shahid has always been interested in dancing since his youthful days. Additionally, Jupiter gave him solidarity to build up his dancing capabilities.

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Shahid was three years of age when his parents chose to head out in different directions. He decided to live with his mom in Mumbai, and when he was ten years old, he joined Shiamak Davar’s dance academy. He performed the role of background dancer in many 90’s films and later appeared in song albums and movies.

Will Shahid Kapoor Achieve His Desired Success in 2021?

From the starting of the year, Shahid may receive an unexpected profit. He may earn profit from a lottery, betting, or any other similar fashion. He may see positive changes in his acting career and in his new films. He may receive the desired success by developing new connections in his professional life. Following the release of his new movie, he may receive appreciation from his fans and close friends. This positive response and love of his fans will help the actor strengthen his name and fame.

More Family Time for Shahid Kapoor in 2021

Planet Venus is sitting in the 10th house, which means Shahid may see unfavourable changes in his love life. But his new deals, thoughts, and trading may bring him success as the actor and he will be also capable of dealing with any challenges. His income sources may increase with time. The actor is likely to receive the expected support from his friends and family, meaning that he will enjoy his personal life. He may resolve misunderstandings or improve relations with his friends. He may tie a new bond with his old mates.

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Will The Unexpected Turns in Life Result Fruitfully for Shahid Kapoor?

Ranging from 27th April to 15th May would be a good time for Shahid Kapoor to explore his creative skills and abilities. He may face unexpected changes while working on innovative ideas during acting. The ‘Udta Punjab’ star may profit from the senior co-workers and the government and may experience positive changes in his professional life. During this time, he will touch new heights of his career.

From 15th May to 15th June, the 39-year-old actor may have a relaxed state of mind and may be able to boost his self-confidence. He may go on unexpected trips and travel a lot. Earning love from his brother-sister, he may develop mutual understanding in his love life. He is advised to manage time and work; if not, can face health issues due to workloads. And therefore, he should take proper care of his health.

Will Shahid Kapoor Maintain Good Health in 2021?

Shahid should be health-conscious this year. He should not avoid minor health trouble because it may develop into major ones. Ulcer, Arthritis (Sandhiva), headache, eye pain or knee-related problems may occur due to heavy objects lifting. He must think before speaking to his superiors or he may indulge in a fight. Apart from that, he must be careful while dealing in financial matters as there are chances of him losing big amounts.

Shahid is advised not to act as a mediator between two persons. This will be a good phase in regards to his profession and finance.

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New Beginnings Shahid Kapoor in 2021

6th July to 30th August 2021, during this time, Shahid may receive an array of new opportunities to work on new projects. Still, at the same time, he should be careful that it may cause him a loss because he may spend more money. This unnecessary expenditure may earn him unfavourable results. He may face the wrath of hidden enemies, but there are chances to overcome them and may continue with the work smoothly as per the Kundli. He may excel in his profession with a new long term project. It is possible for him to find trouble in an intimate relationship, so he should be rather artificial.

From 30th August to 22nd December is expected to be a good time for the actor. The ‘Kabir Singh’ may receive a new long term opportunity, which can be the result of his hard work. It can be said that he may feel more relaxed and enjoy this time. He may earn profit in economic matters but should avoid gambling. There is good hope he may come in contact with new partners or friends while going on trips. He may add fame to his name by meeting well-known politicians or seniors. In this time, he may get blessed with a baby.

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