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Richard Gere getting clean chit

Richard Gere getting clean chit


Richard Gere is born in Gemini Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant Mercury is exalted and placed with Venus in the 4th house. The Venus-Mercury conjunction makes him prototypical tall, dark and handsome man. He has Venus in close conjunction with Neptune. This configuration makes him leading man of romantic and dramatic films, the persuader, marvelous artist and the womanizer.

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Richard Gere is the most common subject of a popular urban myth, which involves the forcing of a gerbil into the anus for pleasure and its later embarrassing removal at hospital. However, as verified later by various sources these rumors have no basis in fact. But debilitated Venus-Ketu-Neptune certainly indicating unorthodox taste and liking as far as sensual pleasure is concern. It can also lead him to event like April 15, 2007 when he could not control his emotions and kissed Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty several times on the cheek and neck in public during an AIDS awareness event. He was then under the influence of Mars-Jupiter-Ketu period. The transiting Venus was moving in the 12th house opposing natal Moon, transiting Mars aspecting natal Mars and the transiting Moon approaching natal Rahu opposing natal Venus. The whole planetary scenario triggered the event. For some reason that Kiss caused a big scandal in India and even provoked people’s sentiments everywhere.

Recently India’s Supreme Court has described a legal case in which Richard Gere is accused of obscene behavior as “frivolous”and that Gere was free to enter India. Currently the transiting Jupiter is moving over the natal Jupiter in the 7th house aspecting the natal Saturn and Sun. The auspicious aspect of Jupiter became instrumental in getting a clean chit from judiciary.

He is also a practicing Buddhist and an active supporter of the Dalai Lama. Gere is also a persistent advocate for human rights in Tibet. Gere called for the boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to put pressure on China to make Tibet independent recently. He has Jupiter Atmakaraka and Vargottama aspecting the Ascendant making him passionate for justice and independence. Sun-Saturn conjunction makes him an activist and gives him rebellious tendencies.

Although Gere got clean chit from Indian judiciary he might continue to face problems in other matters as the transiting Saturn is moving over the natal Sun and Saturn. The period between May and August 2008 could be very
stressful for him. He might be facing opposition, various charges and can be a victim of a political vendetta.

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