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No Time To Die Release: Will Bond’s Magic Work Again?

No Time To Die Release: Will Bond’s Magic Work Again?

After a long wait, Daniel Craig is once again in front of the audience with his No Time To Die. The film has been delayed due to the Covid situation, releasing in cinemas on Sept 30, 2021. James Bond fans have got the sweet fruits for being patient. The film is being praised a lot, and at the same time, the lead artist of the film, Daniel Craig, is also being appreciated a lot. For the fans of 007, we have found some interesting astrological facts related to Daniel.

Born on March 2, 1968, Daniel’s horoscope has a combination of four planets Mars, Saturn, Moon, and Rahu, in which two of them are positive, and two are negative. When there is a conjunction of four planets in the third house of a person’s birth chart, the person is a pioneer in art, dance, and sports. Due to this combination, Daniel is at the forefront in the field of art. Talking about the future, his time is going to be very good, and in the year 2022, Craig can get outstanding projects, too.

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No Time To Die is the 25th film of the Bond series. Daniel Craig has paved his way in the hearts of Indian people that the total earning of this film in India is as much as the fees Daniel charges for one of his films. Next, we can see Craig in Knives Out 2.

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