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Michael Jackson: The man in the numerological mirror

Michael Jackson: The man in the numerological mirror

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009
King of Pop Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009. A child prodigy, the legend made his debut at the tender age of six as a member of The Jackson 5. For four decades, he not only ruled the hearts of billions across the world, but also donated millions of dollars to Heal the World.

This freakishly popular singer/songwriter had some legendary dance moves; many defied the laws of Physics – the Moonwalk being the most notable. MJ, who was the single biggest phenomenon in the world of music, has also defied several odds. A childhood lost partly in fame, and partly in the pain of severe beatings by an overtly strict father; his personal life being ripped apart by the media for filling entertainment columns; an apparent loss of skin pigmentation; a scalp severely burnt in a fire accident and a painful series of surgeries that followed; and being turned into a pariah after allegations of child molestation. The last brought about an overnight change in Michael’s status: from the healer of the world, he came to be known as an alleged molester of children.

Although he was acquitted of all charges, the ‘Thriller’ singer shunned the limelight and moved to Bahrain in 2005 as a guest of his friend Sheikh Abdullah. After a gap of four years, he was set to make a comeback with 50 concerts in 2009. But it wasn’t to be. Today, he is being mourned by billions across the world. Michael Joseph Jackson was the man who truly conquered the world. Ganesha does a numerological analysis to find out what really affected the King of Pop and his chequered life.

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – 10:00 am, Gary, Indiana)


Dasha- Antar dasha Running = Mercury-Rahu- Up to Jan 01, 2010.

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Why his destiny was music?

MJ was a born musician. He was born on August 29th. 29 = 2+9 = 11. 11 a master number for both fame and failure. Also, it makes a person an idealist.

The number 9 in his birth date (29) represents Mars, which is why Michael was so impulsive by nature. Also, Mars indicates fire/injury/operation, which explains the fire accident during the shoot of a Pepsi commercial in 1984 and a countless number of surgeries that the legendary pop star had to go through.

His destiny number = 29 + August (8) +1958(23) = 11+8+5 = 24 = 2+4 = 6 = Venus, which is a planet that governs music. But this Venus number has come from 24 (2 and 4), where 4 indicates Rahu. A piece of art created under Rahu’s influence is generally practical, yet unconventional. It is not saatvic, but it has a class of its own.

When we numerologically add the vowels in his name, we get:


The number 5 represents Mercury, which indicates freedom and so is the total of the vowels in his first name, Michael =14 = 5. 5 also indicates that MJ was intrinsically restless and always yearned to do newer things, a trait that made him the King of Pop. Number 11 obtained from the middle name indicates idealism. The same number is there in his birth date (29= 2+9= 11), indicating the high impact of number 11 on his personality.

Music, drugs and beliefs:
The Lord of the 2nd House Venus = speech has the benefic Jupiter that makes it melodic. Also, the Lord of speech sits in the House of money, indicating that his orations will bring him money. A weak Venus indicates liberal outflow of money for luxuries and comforts, but it also connects the flow of money to the Pop star’s religious beliefs (9th House). Also, 2nd House has a good enough aspect of Mars, sitting in the 8th House. So, one could expect certain rough aspects in speech, along with the melodiousness of Jupiter.

Astrologically, a weak/old Rahu is sitting on the Ascendant. This explains why Michael was so unconventional, impulsive and secretive in many ways. Drugs, too, come under the purview of Rahu and its effects. Also, Michael’s personal relationships remained under the influence of the Rahu-Ketu axis. Rahu aspecting in the 9th House suggests a change in religious beliefs – Michael took refuge under Islam.

Death and cause of death:
a) Mars = Lord of the 8th House. Mars is sitting in the 8th House. This suggests pitta/attack or underworld.
b) Aspect of Jupiter also ruled Michael’s heart and family matters.
c) Aspect of Sun in 12th House indicates neglect of self or even suicidal tendencies.

1) But as Mars has the maximum impact, it could be pitta/fire created due to drugs. Also, Mars rules 3rd House, which means chest/heart are being affected as Saturn is also sitting there.
2) As Mars sits in the 8th House/hidden attacks are possible.

But in navamsa, Jupiter is sitting in the 4th House. As Jupiter is a maraka, and is also the Lord of the 12th House, it leaves some lingering doubts. So, the first explanation of pitta-generated fire holds water as Rahu’s period is running.

Also, note that Markesh = Jupiter, which gets malefic energy from Rahu in the antar-dasha and hence gets charged to kill the affected person, in this case, Michael Jackson, who will be sorely missed by his fans and family members.

May Lord Ganesha bless Michael Jackson’s soul.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Pankaj Cc Dhar
Celebrity Astrologer