Kim Kardashian: Fashion Icon May Go On A Pilgrimage!

Kim Kardashian: Fashion Icon May Go On A Pilgrimage!

American socialite and reality TV show personality Kim Kardashian has drawn a lot of attention & media coverage, she came wearing a bizarre black outfit at the Met Gala 2021 on Sept 14, 2021. The black Balenciaga haute couture gown, which she wore at this event, covered her from head to toe. While, the fashion world scratches its head behind the meaning of it all, we take a look at her horoscope:

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Kim Kardashian, the famous fashion icon, was born on Oct 21, 1980, in Los Angeles. In her horoscope, Sun is in a lowly sign, which is the reason why she is often drawn into controversies and gets negative publicity. At the same time, Saturn and Jupiter are together in her horoscope. This surprisingly indicates that she is both introverted and extroverted. As per the prediction, she may undertake a spiritual pilgrimage sometime in future. Kim Kardashian may develop a special inclination towards spirituality after Nov 2022.

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