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Khan vs Kapoor

Khan vs Kapoor

Introduction: Ranbir Kapoor, the youngest lad of the Kapoor clan, is being touted as the next big thing of Bollywood whereas Imran Khan, the nephew of Aamir Khan, is Bollywood’s latest heart-throb sensation. Both the stars are making waves on the big screen. But, who will be the next Superstar of Bollywood? Ganesha foresees the future of these two emerging stars and tries to answer this question astrologically.


Ranbir kapoor:

His natal Sun is posited in Virgo sign. Saturn is also posited in Virgo. Debilitated Saturn and exalted Mercury are also posited in the same sign from which Mercury is retrograde and combust. Moon is posited in Capricorn with Shravan-1st Pada. Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in the 2nd house whereas Uranus and Mars are conjunct in the 3rd house. Rahu and Ketu are exalted in the 10th and the 4th house respectively.

Transiting Rahu will conjunct natal Moon and he may not be able to achieve the desired goal till January 30, 2009. This transit is not favourable for taking correct decisions. Ganesha also observes that during the month of February and May 2009, he will get some achievement in his professional area.

Summarily, his professional career seems below average till January 30, 2009. After this phase, he will enjoy all betterment in his profession till December 2009. After December 2009, he will be under the influence of Saturn return. Moreover, Saturn will be transiting over natal Sun too.

Ganesha suggests him to recite Hanuman Chalisa on a regular basis to get protection against the malefic effects of transiting Saturn.

Imran Khan:

He has Atma Karaka Sun posited in Sagittarius. Natal Moon, Neptune and exalted Ketu are also posited in Sagittarius. Retrograde and Combust Mercury is conjunct with natal Venus. Exalted Saturn is in the 11th house whereas Jupiter is posited in the 12th house.

Natal Sun is posited with natal Ketu and also it receives malefic aspects of natal exalted Saturn. This shows that he will have to struggle more in terms of creating his own entity. However, his Upchaya houses are stronger due to the presence of Mars in the 3rd and Saturn in the 11th house. These placements of Natal Mars and Saturn provide him courage and enthusiasm to work harder.

Imran Khan is passing through a nice phase due to favourable planetary transits. Transit of Jupiter over natal Sun and Moon provides very productive results according to Ganesha. But, he will not get expected gains due to the transit of Rahu over natal Venus and Mercury. However, better publicity is expected but he will have to compromise with revenues. The period after December 2008 seems better for him for signing films and ads.

Ganesha advises him to offer Anjali to the rising sun with recitation of Gayatri mantra 7 times a day and 11 times on Sunday.

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  • Ganesha feels that the forthcoming year is gainful till May 2009 for Ranbir Kapoor.
  • The year ahead is better for Imran Khan but due to the weakness of natal Sun, he may have to struggle more.

Kindly note that due to the unavailability of the birth time of both the stars the Surya Kundli has been taken into consideration.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,