What awaits 'peaches and cream' Katrina Kaif? Ganesha finds on her birthday...

The pretty Bollywood goddess, who broke a billion hearts, when she revealed her plans to get married soon to her hot-property Bollywood royalty beau later this year, Katrina Kaif—turns a year older on 16th July. The beautiful beyond words, all peaches and cream, Katrina is attached to the actor Ranbir Kapoor, who himself is a stuff of dreams, and together, they make a gorgeous pair. The lovely lady is surely a lucky one, as she doesn't have a filmy lineage, but has managed to secure such an enviably prime place in the Hindi film industry. Not one to be credited for her acting skills, Kaif still has been a glamour queen. However, she hasn't done much appearances, off or on screen in the past one year? Will she now? On her birthday we speculate! Ganesha wishes her a very happy birthday, and takes this opportunity to look at Kaif's Solar Chart to predict the way ahead for her.


   Katrina Kaif
                Date of Birth - 16th July, 1983
                Birth Time - Not Known.
                Place of Birth - Hong Kong


Owing to the unavailability of the celebrity's Birth Time, the predictions for her have been done, basis her Solar Horoscope/ Chart.

Astrological Observations

  • Jupiter has begun transiting over Katrina's Venus posited in the 3rd House of her Solar Chart from 14th July 2015 onwards.
  • The Retrograde Saturn has been transiting over her Natally retrograde Jupiter and Ketu, through the 6th House in her Solar Chart. This will continue till 1st August 2015. It has been aspecting Rahu and Venus in Katrina's Chart.
  • Rahu- Ketu shall continue to transit through the 4th and 10th Houses respectively in her Surya Kundli - till January 2016. Post that time, Rahu will be transiting over her Venus through the 3rd House and Ketu will be transiting through the 9th House, in her Solar Chart.

Astrological Predictions

  • Considering the planetary transits mentioned above, Ganesha feels that Katrina Kaif is going to enjoy good start to the next year, after celebrating her birthday.
  • Due to the recently started transit of Jupiter over her Venus (the significator of arts), it is quite likely that her performance as an actress and a creative person will be good and shall improve in her forthcoming projects. This will be specially possible for her films, releasing prior to January 2016. After that time, Rahu shall join Jupiter in Leo, and it shall be transiting over Kaif's Natal Venus. This shall not be a great time for her creative pursuits.
  • Nonetheless, stars portend that Katrina will be able to coordinate nicely with her male co-stars in the next one year. She will supported by her fraternity. And, may even be able to tie the nuptial knot in the next one year.
  • Overall, although, her stars right now are looking good, she will not be able to remain absolutely stress free, due to transiting Rahu Ketu's Square aspect with the luminaries in her Solar Horoscope, as well as due to the ongoing Saturn transit through Scorpio.
  • She may remain stressed about her career progress too, as she remain confused in this regard, and may keep trying her best to compete with the other leading actresses of Bollywood. But, she will have to remain persistent in her efforts to remain active on the big screen, as the likelihood of her professional progress slowing down, post January 2016 is high.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead for Katrina Kaif.

With Ganesha's Grace
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team