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It’s Adele Season Again: What Do the Stars & Two Vogue Covers Say?

There is an art to being Adele. The world is more than ready to have Adele’s comeback after six years. The vocal goddess is back and here to release her fourth studio album for which we have been waiting for so long.

On Oct 7, 2022, both the US and UK Vogue flustered the Instagram fam by posting pictures of Adele as their cover star for the November issues. The fact that the megastar is the first one to grace two editions of Vogue in the same month is big news. This cemented her popularity across both sides of the Atlantic – but oh *drools* it was Adele’s look on both covers that were swoon-worthy.

The stars were spewing about the mixed pattern that they see in Adele’s birth chart. The time till Aug 17, 2022, is likely to be full of struggles and challenges for the singer. Even after ‘Rolling in the Deep’ pool of troubles, this comeback looks like a temporary boost. The exalted Sun and Mars definitely bring the good energy that can be her ‘Remedy’. Parallelly, some negative effects form Chandra Shani Vish Dosha may lead her to work aggressively when she’s all in, but when the times are not right, she may slow down entirely!

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The 15-time Grammy winner Adele told about the heartfelt reason she decided to release the highly anticipated album. It was for her 8-year-old son, Angelo. Adele hopes, when he grows up, her album would give her son a glimpse into their family’s divorce from her perspective.

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