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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Steven Spielberg is back with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull after three successful Indiana Jones movies namely ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Temple of Doom’ and ‘The Last Crusade’. Harrison Ford has played lead role of ‘Indiana’ in all three movies and Spielberg has persisted with the same hero in ‘The Kingdom of Crystal Skull’. So far Indiana Jones series has done very well on the box office. Ganesha would throw light on fate of this movie based on Spielberg’s chart and other methods such as numerology.

Ganesha notes that as per Chaldean Numerology, the movie’s name works out to 8, a number ruled by Saturn. Release date is 22nd May 2008. The date’s total is 4 ruled by Rahu or Uranus which is perfectly in line with the total of number of letters in the name of the film. Release date’s destiny number is 1 ruled by Sun denoting success. However, as the film’s name is ruled by Saturn and the date of release is ruled by Uranus/Rahu, Ganesha feels that this movie may have a smoother but gradual pick up on the box office. Ganesha feels that this movie will surely do good business on the box office and that is because destiny number of release date is 1 ruled by Sun denoting glory and success.

Date of birth :- December 18, 1946
Time:- 18 hours 16 min.
Place:- Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Steven Spielberg has Moon conjunct Venus in the fifth house which makes him a very good creator. Currently, Jupiter is transiting through the seventh house of public acclaim over Natal Mars and Sun but Jupiter is retrograde which indicates that he may not be happy with the box office/public response. Saturn is favourably transiting through the third house aspecting his Bhagya Bhuvan which is fairly good, indicating that luck factor is stronger.

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Diurnal Date:- May 21, 2008
Diurnal Chart’s time:- Same as birth time
Diurnal Chart’s Place:- Los Angeles, CA, USA


Steven is born at night so he is actually a Nocturnal Native as per Astrology of Sects but Diurnal is a general term used for Daily Charts hence Ganesha would use that term only. Diurnal Chart or Daily chart indicates one’s fate for that particular day. The chart lasts only for 24 hours and new chart is drawn for each day of life, based on this method. Ganesha observes that his Diurnal chart’s Ascendant is Libra which is the fifth house of the Natal chart so Spielberg must have shown a great deal of directorial charisma in this movie. Moon is posited in the 2nd house of Diurnal chart, being Lord of 10th house of Karma which indicates good business prima facie, but studying this further in detail Ganesha observes that his Diurnal chart has exchange between Moon and Mars. This exchange between Dhan Bhuvan and Karma Bhuvan indicates that the film will surely do wonderful business on the box office. Venus is posited in the 8th house in its own sign and is aspecting the Dhan Bhuvan which is also a favourable factor for the business on box office. Saturn the Yog Karaka planet of this Diurnal chart is placed in the 11th house of Gains which is also a very positive factor.

In short, Steven Spielberg’s Diurnal chart indicates a lot of luck and so although transiting Jupiter is retrograde and significator of Arts and related matters Venus has just entered Taurus its own sign, Ganesha feels that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should do very well on the box office, just like any other Indiana Jones series movies.

Good luck and May Lord Ganesha bless Director Steven Spielberg, Producer Frank Marshall, Executive producer, Spielberg’s old friend and this movie’s story writer George Lucas and Hero Harrison Ford and other cast plus crew members with great success.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni