How Will “Dybbuk”-The Curse Is Real” For Emraan Hashmi? Curse Or Boon?

Published on October 25, 2021

emraan hashmi

Bollywood’s famous actor Emraan Hashmi’s, who has his own love with horror movies is coming up with his new horror flick ‘Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real’. The trailer of the film is spine-chilling and got a lot of appreciation from netizens. Will this film of Emraan Hashmi set a new record for him, which has been missing for a long time?

The Curse In Emraan Hashmi’s Kundali

Emraan Hashmi, a Mumbai native born on March 24, 1979, has the Shani-Rahu and Angarak Mars-Ketu doshas in his solar chart, both of which bring negativity to his life. However, because of the exalted Jupiter, none of these doshas affects his performance. This exaltation would also prove effective for his new horror film “Dybbuk” as well as his upcoming film “Gangubai Kathiawadi”, in which Alia Bhatt will be seen in the lead role.

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