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George Clooney supports Britney Spears in the move against paparazzi

George Clooney supports Britney Spears in the move against paparazzi

`Ocean’s 11, 12, 13′ fame George Clooney has recently defended Britney Spears’ running down to red light area to hide herself from paparazzi cameras. In fact, Clooney himself was also followed by `Bounty hunters’ of late and was also quite upset with the whole paparazzi activity.

George Clooney is born with Aquarius Ascendant, with exalted Venus in the second house. Transiting Rahu is passing over the Ascendant although a little far from the degree of Ascendant, Clooney is in a very different mood to deal with everyone around, specifically with those trying to create `fuss’ about him. No doubt, Rahu’s transit through the Ascendant is driving him crazy a bit about the paparazzi activity but Ganesha notes that the whole issue has come to the fore during `debilitated Venus phase’. In other words, transiting Venus is passing through exactly opposite house/position to his Natal Venus and George Clooney has been followed by paparazzi photographers on the highway when dear `Ocean’ is taking dips in the waters of love with his girlfriend on the bike. It is neither question of credit or discredit but the whole thing is about his image being tarnished during Venus debilitated phase.

Date of birth 6th May, 1961
Time of birth 2:58 AM
Place of birth Lexington Manor (KY) (USA)


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Very simple, Clooney is born with debilitated Mars. This indicates that he possesses too much fire inside but trying to hold it back within the heart. Recently transiting Mars has entered Gemini and now, Mars is retrograde too. Clooney is born with Moon in Capricorn. Mars’ eighth aspect on his Natal Moon is making him angry. Mars will be Neechabhilashi as it goes ahead in degrees further in April 2008. Ganesha doesn’t presume much façade on the matter for now but Clooney will strongly stand for Britney against paparazzi matter, for sure.

He would obviously not like anyone haunting him, specifically when around 21st September 2007 when Clooney and his Girl Friend Sarah Larson were on the motorbike in New Jersey and he met with an accident with Mars’ 8th aspect on his Natal Saturn and Moon placed in the 12th house of losses/accidents in his horoscope, no paparazzi guys were around.

Ganesha presumes that George Clooney will remain in slightly aggressive mood for a while but more with Mars return during second quarter of next year, he is again likely to come up with rebellion statements. His point is very clear in a statement “It’s getting to a point where people that are not involved are getting hurt.” His horoscope indicates that he cannot take injustice and would surely fight against it if he feels that something is wrong.

Ganesha feels that he is getting more and more compassionate about others like him in he Hollywood industry, so it’s not about Britney, but in general about actors/actresses being followed by paparazzi hunters hounding celebrities like them, wherever they go. Ganesha advises Clooney to be a bit careful in driving and in general try to avoid physical strain as he has risks of accident or injury till 10th August 2008 with Mars’ heavy transit in his chart.

May Lord Ganesha bless George Clooney with good health and `cool’.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni,