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Ganesha predicts why Adnan’s married life is not in tune

Ganesha predicts why Adnan’s married life is not in tune

Singing sensation and musician Adnan Sami has always been in news either for his chartbusting albums or his weight woes. From Kabhi To Nazar Milao, Tera Chehra to the memorable soundtracks he’s sung for Hindi films, Adnan has a big spot of his own among Bollywood’s many playback singers.

And though the singer has managed to lose most of the threatening kilos-he shed a whopping 107 kg for the brand new look he’s sporting now-his recent domestic problems that have come out in the open is gaining him unwanted infamy.

Adnan’s second wife Sabah Galadari, who had earlier dumped him due to his obesity and later came back to him, recently accused Adnan of physically assaulting her. Though she has withdrawn the case of domestic violence she filed against her husband, all is not over. Sabah promises to take fresh legal action once she gathers enough evidence.

This is not the first time the sweet-voiced Adnan has courted domestic controversy: he had a legal spat with his first wife, actor Zeba Bakhtiar, whom he divorced after gaining custody of their only son Azaan Khan. At Zeba’s behest, Canadian immigration officials had stormed Adnan’s house and transferred Azaan’s custody to Zeba.

While his fate hangs in balance after the recent wrangle, Ganesha holds court and pulls out astrological proof to predict whether or not Adnan will be able to tide over the present storm.

Date of birth: 15th August, 1973
Time of birth: Unavailable (Surya Kundali)
Place of birth: London (UK)


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  1. Sukra (Venus), the planet signifying marriage and women in the life of men, is debilitated in Adnan’s chart.
  2. The total of the singer’s date of birth is 6, the number of Venus. Venus rules his life and as it is debilitated in his chart, it disturbs all matters related to Venus.
  3. As per his Surya Kundali (it may be a different planet if his birth time was available), Shani is the Lord of his 7th House of marriage. It is placed in the 12th House of losses. Note that Shani and Ketu (a separative planet) are in applying conjunction.
  4. Venus is in Mrut Avastha and hence becoming weak. It is in applying conjunction with Pluto, a planet signifying disturbances and revolt, mischief and treachery. Pluto and Shani are in an exact square aspect.
  5. As per Adnan’s progressed horoscope, progressed Venus and progressed Mars’ opposition is strong now and will remain so for the next five years.

  1. His astrological readings translate into the fact that his spouse will bring him losses and he will not be happy in his marital life.
  2. Adnan may remarry but will not be able to enjoy conjugal bliss and harmony.
  3. Ganesha foresees that after his 41st birthday, there may be some respite on the marital front.

Ganesha advises the composer to avoid getting confrontational with women or be ready to face the ire of Lady Venus. Donating jewellery and gifting flowers to ladies, including those in his family, may give him some respite in his married life.

However, this short-lived harmony may not be as melodious as his music. Helping a young girl get married may also prove beneficial for Adnan, says Ganesha.

Wishing him good luck and a more peaceful association with the fair sex.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia