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Ganesha foresees a huge demand for The Nano

Ganesha foresees a huge demand for The Nano

Finally Tata motor launched the much-awaited car “Nano” in New Delhi auto expo. Now the medium class people can also have and enjoy the ride of four-wheeler. Chairman of Tata Motors Mr. Ratan Tata launched the car, which he had promised, and media covered it in a grand way. This will be the cheapest car in India as of now, costing Rs. one lac only. The actual price may increase a little bit after inclusion of taxes etc.

Most believe Nano’s price is very attractive and affordable. People who own entry-level cars are now thinking of going in for either one Nano – in view of its fuel efficiency – or maybe two, which will cost the same as their existing car. So, there would be one car for the head of the family and another for the family. Ganesha would like to predict Nano’s future.

Taking into consideration the launching time ” in New Delhi auto expo” of Nano car, Gemini Ascendant is rising and Lord Mercury is placed in the eight house. Eleventh house Lord Mars is placed in the Ascendant. Tenth house is connected to business, whose Lord Jupiter is Swagruhi and well placed in seventh house. It is promising positive response towards public. Nano car may bring revolution. It will be safe and reliable. However, the placement of Jupiter in seventh house will increase competitors in future. But Tata will have the strength to fight it all. Ganesha feels that Nano may have great opening and initial response.

Eleventh house Lord Mars is aspecting the third house Lord Sun, which denotes that people will use Nano for short travel but will not have a preference of long travel. Second house of finance is under the positive aspect of Natural benefice planets Moon as well as Mercury, which will be responsible for high amount of business. As the second house of finance is aspected by Mercury, the Nano car will be more preferred by intelligent person. Tata Nano will cover the whole market. This car is going to be in enormous demand.

As the Mercury is associated mainly with professionalism, trading business and students, businessman, traders and students will purchase it at earliest. In brief, there will be huge quantity of selling. Presently, the major period of Moon and Sub period of Mercury is running which will rule till 29th November 2008. As the first house Lord Mercury sub period is running, Nano will make noticeable business on stating stage. It will be in huge demand.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,