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BTS Rapper Kim Namjoon Changes Stage Name

BTS Rapper Kim Namjoon Changes Stage Name

Korean rapper Kim Namjoon has changed his stage name on his 27th birthday. According to him, his former name Rap Monster was too long, which he realized at the time of promotion. His first song was released in the year 2012, since then, he has been promoting all his songs with the same name, which he has just changed to RM. Let’s see what the stars have to say about Kim’s career and future.

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Kim Namjoon was born on Sept. 12, 1994, in South Korea. Due to his passion for music, he made a good name at a young age. In his horoscope, there is a powerful Mercury along with the ruling Sun, which shows dedication and interest in the arts. However, the decision to change Kim’s name will not be of much use, say the stars.

The coming year will be average for him, but after Sept 2022, this new name may take him to new heights. Even more than 5.7M followers that he currently has on Instagram!

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