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Baaghi 3 Movie Predictions: How do the stars favour the success of the movie?

BAAGHI 3: Baaghi 3, is a sequel to Baaghi 1 (2016) and Baaghi 2 (2018).The story basically highlights the special bond between siblings Ronnie( Tiger Shroff) and Vikram(Ritiesh Deshmukh), who are emotionally attached to each other. Vikram has always been a Messiah for Ronnie who is very often rescued by him in troubled times. This bond gets stronger when certain events in Vikram’s life take an ugly turn. He gets trapped by ISIS in Syria and is brutally beaten and tortured. Ronnie goes on a rampage of destruction to get back his trapped brother even, if ,it means risking his own life. He makes heaven and earth one to get his brother out of this vicious circle.

Baaghi 3, is definitely going to be a complete charbuster ,as it involves all shades of emotions like thrill, action,drama,suspense and romance.A complete package that clearly defines a typical Hindi film.It stars Tiger Shroff ,Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh in the lead. Jackie Shroff plays a cameo as Ronnie and Vikram’s father while Disha Patani will be seen in a sensuous number “Do You Love Me”. Jameel Khoury , an Israeli actor and composer plays Abu Jalal,chief of ISIS. It co-stars Ankita Lokhande as Ruchi and Jaideep Ahlawat as Abu’s henchman.

Tiger Shroff is up again with his dangerous stunts and muscular body movements, with Shraddha Kapoor to spice up his love life.An action packed thriller set to roll on floors on the 6th of March,2020. What do the stars predict for this love-hate thriller?Will Tiger Shroff’s adventure spell- bind the audiences? Do the stars favour the movie with its weekend box office collections? To get a glimpse, Ganesha has predicted it for you!

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Releasing on 06 March 2020

Releasing Time 09:00:00 (Ref : BookMyShow)

Major Territory, Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Release Time Chart


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The Lord of Ascendant Mars and the Lord of the 9th house of the benevolent Jupiter is placed in the 9th house along with Ketu in the release time chart of the movie.The 9th house stands for dreams, visions and higher development. Moreover, the Lord of the 10th house of business Saturn is placed in its own sign. This house rules a person’s profession, occupation, fame and honour. While the natal Moon is placed in the 4th house which is its own sign.Thus, all major planets are well placed in their houses in the release time chart of the movie. But, along with the placement of Mars-Jupiter in their respective houses, there is an influence of Ketu in the same house. Fortunately, the the most artistic and beautiful Venus, the planet of entertainment is placed in the 1st house, which indicates good weekend box office earnings.

The above planetary influences indicate a strong base for the movie , as it has a very substantial story-line. As the title goes “Baaghi” means a “Rebel”, there’s enough to say about the content of the movie. With a rebel there ought to be lots of action, adventure and mystery. Saturn’s influence will glue the audiences to their seats as they will get commendable substance to sustain their interests. The plot of the movie is common like any other action packed thriller but, still it will be able to get an average rating.However, with Saturn aspecting the Moon and the 7th house of the opposite world , the movie could face some issues at the time of release. Venus, the planet of love and entertainment is placed in the 1st house of the movie chart .Thus, as per Ganesha the planetary influences predict Baaghi 3 to make a terrific beginning in many states of the country.

The Trikon/Trine house lords are placed well in the movie chart. This shows that the expectations of the audience from the lead cast of the movie will increase.However, co-actors could give mediocre performances with a casual approach by the masses for the same.Ketu could play the spoil-sport as the movie may not live up to its standards in certain parts of the country. This could definitely give an hiccup in the overall performance of the movie at the box office.

Different astrological parameters predict the movie to mint money from various sources. However,there could be a lot more challenges with the box-office numbers at some places, with Ketu’s malefic influence.In spite of these hurdles Baaghi 3 could accumulate good earnings and make commendable business.

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Ganesha showers his good luck on the Baaghi 3 team for its prosperous unending journey in the entertainment field!

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