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Akshay Kumar Horoscope – Time to be Khiladi Again!

Akshay Kumar Horoscope – Time to be Khiladi Again!

To enter into the Indian Film Industry and become one of the highest-paid actors in Bollywood is not everyone’s cup of tea. He started as an action hero and then became comedy king, just see his versatility in acting performances. He also faced downfall too, where his movies were not working well commercially and were flops, but his never-give-up attitude changed all the scenarios in his life. His role in Mohra (1994) as a police officer and villain in Ajnabee (2001) shows his acting talent at its best. From Hera Pheri, he just made everyone laugh and Welcome (2007), Hey Baby (2007) and Singh are King ( 2008), just to name a few. He also owns the production house Hari Om Entertainment. In 2020, he was the highest-paid actor in Bollywood by Forbes.

Date of Birth: Sept. 09, 1967
Place of Birth: Amritsar, Punjab
Time of Birth: Unknown (solar chart)

Akshay Kumar Kundali

akshay kumar kundali

As per Akshay Kumar kundli, he is having Jupiter as Atmakaraka and being placed in the water sign Cancer makes him a very philosophical and emotional person. It makes him a very goal-focused person, too. Feminine Moon is the Amatyakaraka, and placed in airy Libra makes him a very charming and peace-loving individual. The sunset in the sign of Leo makes him a very fiery and creative person from inside. He knows how to lead masses, and Venus in Leo makes him a very artistic and glamorous actor in Bollywood. Mars provides his unique strength in fitness, and we all know his love for fitness. His day starts before sunrise at 5:00 am in the gym, and he follows it strictly regularly.

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As per Akshay Kumar Kundali, Saturn transit in the sixth house of the natal chart will make him very serious about choosing roles. We can expect some new roles from him which we have never seen before. Saturn may help him in reinventing himself and force him to do less but effective work now. Jupiter transit in the seventh house of the horoscope may bring new opportunities. His popularity is likely to grow more and more this time. Moreover, he is going through the Venus mahadasha, the planet of glamour. The Moon antardasha may increase his popularity too.

As per Akshay horoscope, Rahu transit in Taurus will bring very favourable results for health-related matters. He may be very active and surely take more effort to stay fit, as Rahu is transiting through the tenth house of a natal chart. Mars transit is likely to bring some good energy to health issues. Saturn transit in Capricorn may give amazing results for health, and Yes, Saturn is likely to make us more extra conscious for it too. Mars transit throughout the natal chart may motivate him to stay as fit as possible.

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As per Akshay Kumar Vedic chart, Mars and Venus transit throughout the natal chart will give him more passion and desire in 2023. His creativity is likely to be more and surely make him make better choices too. Benefic Jupiter transit in Aquarius may make him a more inventive thought process which is likely to again bring changes in his personality too. Artistic planet Venus mahadasha may enhance his acting talent more this year, and we can expect very good performances from him.

This year will be very good for him. We can surely see many more new sources of gains for him. Rahu transit in Taurus is likely to increase his materialistic desire at its best, and he may be more focused too. As he is going through the luxurious planet Venus mahadasha and wealth giver Moon antardasha, which is likely to again bring many more monetary gains. We can expect some of the big commercial projects, too.

As per Akshay Kumar astrology, beneficial Jupiter transit in Aquarius will bring new business for him. He can expect a new partnership, too and which is likely to help this time. Invest in new ventures may be more. Mercury transit in Virgo may affect him in a very beneficial way and really make him want to invest in some long-lasting gains. Princess Venus mahadasha and Feminine moon antardasha to bring new successful ventures. He is in that phase of his life where anything can turn into gold.

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As per Akshay Kumar astrology, he is going through one of the best phases of his life. He stands where he wanted to do more roles where he can deliver a good message with films, and some of the crucial transits are converting in his favour too. Moreover, dasha is always pushing him to do much better things in his acting career also, and he stands very different from all actors who are his contemporaries too. Yes, he is truly a Khiladi star of our Bollywood!

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