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Aamir to tread path of Success

Aamir to tread path of Success

As per a previous article Aamir khan has successfully turned director with Taare Zameen Par which is topping all the charts. In previous article, we have mentioned that his future seems to shine bright in this field. Now, he is earning fame and name as a director and producer.

After earning rave reviews for hid directorial debut Taara Zameen Par, he is finding himself on cloud nine. This is the highest motivation for him. His next film as a director might get released by mid of 2008. Ganesha notes that the 1st Lord and 5th Lord are strong and effective denoting success in the field of production. He is having Swagruhi Moon in the 1st house which plays a vital role in his success as an actor. Now he is earning high acclaim both as a producer as well as director.

Venus-the significator of film, acting and production field is placed in the eight house. The lord of 5th house of acting is situated in the 2nd house of finance. Mars is Swagruhi in Navamansh chart. Thus, it indicates benefit from art, acting as well as production field. Currently, he is under the influence of major period of Sun and Sub period of Jupiter till 24th July 2008. The Antardasha Lord Jupiter is placed in the second house from Mahadasha Lord Sun. This ensures his success in the field of film making. This phase is favorable. This is promising success as a director and producer.

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Considering all the points explained above, he will succeed in forth coming film JAANE TU YA JAANE NA which is expected to arrive in mid-2008. Ganesha feels that the film will bring high amount of business at box office. This is also promising high quality of success pondering all the planetary point of view. All in all, his birth chart shows success for him in the coming film.

Ganesha foresees success for him and wishes that he achieves more heights of success.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,