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Will Escalating Sino-India Tension Lead To a War?

Will Escalating Sino-India Tension Lead To a War?

The Sino-India conflict refuses to settle down easily. Now, it seems to have only expanded geographically. After a tense phase in Eastern Ladakh, the Chinese army has done, what many may call, a provocative act in the Barahoti region of Uttarakhand.

As per the reports, around 100 soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently entered the Indian side of the border and damaged the infrastructure. The reports have added that the Chinese army also destroyed a bridge. The Indian side is disturbed by the frequent intrusion of the Chinese army into the Indian border.

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India’s neighbouring countries will continue to create problems for India, predict the stars. Actually, India’s horoscope has Taurus as the ascendant. In its third house (or the house of a neighbour), five planets – Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, and Venus-form an alliance.

So, in this combination, a negative planet, Saturn, is together with other positive planets. Presently, Saturn is transiting over this combination, which may increase problems on the international border. So, stars suggest that India should hold on patiently and not get easily provoked by any misadventure from the other side.

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