Trend of the stock market in the first quarter of 2007

Sensex First Quarter of 2007

Business, Politics and Fiscal condition of any country depends on fluctuation of Chalan of that country as well, high tides and low tides in the stock market. In a way, stock market is A.P. centre of financial strength of the country.

Moon is significator of mind, Silver and liquids. Sun has hold over Soul, Gold and Government. These two major planets bringing shine and darkness to the earth are closer to the earth and strongly seen in the skies. Without these two planets, the whole system in and around universe cannot function.

Like different quarters of Moon or increasing and decreasing light of Moon has effect over tides in the sea, science has realised that Moon’s increasing and decreasing light has impact on Human’s life.

Moon passes through 27 constellations to complete it’s one cycle. Stock market Forecast can also be done using Moon and it’s constellations. Practically, stock market related forecast can be done on the basis of fundamental principles of stock market but Markets can also be predicted very well with help of astrology.

People’s mind is always influenced by Moon’s position and other astrological factors depending on which buying or selling takes place, in huge volume. Index fluctuates on the basis of purchase and sell.

Markets can also be forecasted well with horoscope of BSE and NSE, considering the time of inauguration. Similarly, on the basis of incorporation of any company, or even on the horoscope of time when company got listed or became public or private limited, it’s future can be predicted.

During 2007 Jupiter will be passing through Scorpio, sign ruled by Mars. Rahu will be passing through Fixed sign ruled by Saturn i.e. Aquarius and Saturn will be transiting through Leo as well Cancer, due to retrogression or reversed gear motion.

Ganesha envisages 2007 to be highly active and turbulent time for the markets.

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