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Telegram: Next Dark Web? Our Astrological Analysis

Telegram software’s release date is August 14, 2013, in London (UK). Still, it was only a few months ago when Telegram and Signal became the most popular online messaging platforms, particularly when people boycotted WhatsApp due to a new policy that the Facebook-owned app launched.

Telegram, which looks to be a safe and encrypted chat network from the outside, was recently shut down due to the horrors that take place within it. It has been found as a result of specific studies undertaken by cybersecurity researchers that Telegram is being used as a platform for hackers and cybercriminals to effortlessly share data of millions of individuals through the network’s groups and channels.

Hackers are using Telegram as a bazaar for stolen data and ideas. Telegram’s simplicity of use, anonymity and encrypted chat groups make it a safe haven for amateur cybercriminals and hackers, which may be quite dangerous if it continues. Telegram is thus labelled as the next dark web.

What does all of this mean for Telegram? What do the stars have to say about it? Let’s understand the celestial impacts in detail!

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When we look at the solar chart of Telegram, it can be said that the Cancer ascendant is present. At the same time, the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. The planet of beauty, Venus, is in the Earth sign, Virgo. Libra accommodates Saturn, Moon, and Rahu. The other shadow planet, Ketu, is in the first sign, Aries. Lastly, the planets Mars and Jupiter are located in the Gemini sign.

Recently, the Sun and Venus are in transit on Mars and Jupiter in Gemini. Mars is transiting on Sun and Mercury, forming Budh Aditya Yoga. The invisible shadow planets Ketu and Rahu are in Scorpio and Taurus, respectively. Saturn transit in Capricorn is of retrograde motion.

Jupiter of Aquarius is aspecting Mars and Jupiter (6th house of activity & 9th house of destiny lord) with 5th aspects. Till September 14, 2021, and between November 20, 2021, to April 14, 2022, time is looking fine for Telegram.

Moreover, the Sun and Venus are in transit over Mars and Jupiter. It is also supporting Telegram. But the transition of Saturn in Capricorn is just opposite to Sun and Mercury. Moreover, Mars is transiting on Sun and Mercury in the Cancer sign. It indicates some struggles for Telegram.

As per the solar horoscope of Telegram, the ascendant lord Moon is in conjunction with Rahu and Saturn. From April 14, 2022, to October 31, 2023, the current Ketu will transit on Moon, Rahu, and Saturn. This time is not suitable for Telegram. It can also be predicted that Telegram is the next dark web if the restrictions are not quickly implied either internally or by the government.

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According to the solar horoscope of Telegram, current Jupiter is aspecting Saturn (7th & 8th house lord), Moon (ascendant lord), Mars (5th & 10th house lord), and Jupiter (6th activity & 9th destiny lord). Until September 14, 2021, and between November 20, 2021, and April 14, 2022, it is likely that Telegram will take the necessary steps to protect user data and even be successful.

Although the platform has taken some “limited steps”, Telegram has undertaken to remove the hacking-related groups, it hasn’t created much difference.

According to Telegram’s Solar horoscope, from April 14, 2022, to October 31, 2023, the time is very tough for Telegram. From April 14, 2022, to April 24, 2023, Jupiter will aspect Sun and Mercury. All of these translate to the government taking some necessary steps against Telegram if needed.

And finally, can Telegram replace WhatsApp? According to the solar horoscope of Telegram, the Moon is with the conjunction of Rahu and Saturn. Moreover, Ketu is located in the 10th house in Aries. No doubt Jupiter placed in Gemini is aspecting Moon, Rahu, and Saturn. Still, due to Rahu and Saturn’s placement, Telegram cannot be an alternative to WhatsApp or Signal, say the stars.

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