Stock market Crash and Future

Stock market Crash and Future

During 2007 Jupiter will be passing through Scorpio ruled by Mars. Rahu will be passing through fixed sign ruled by Saturn i.e. Aquarius and Saturn will be transiting through Leo as well as Cancer, due to retrogression or reversed gear motion.

Date              Bse Sensex    Nifty
08-12-2006      172                53
11-12-2006      400              112
12-12-2006      404              132
19-12-2006      349                96
12-02-2007      348              129
23-02-2007      388              101
28-02-2007      540              148   
05-03-2007      471              150

27-02-2007 New York 400 --- Tokyo-515-------Hong Kong-----496 and china market crash 8% and Brazil 3.8%------Malaysia -8%

Feb Bse Sensex Graph
Feb Nifty Graph
Sun was in Capricorn- Aquarius in February, which are its enemy signs. This is why Sun loses its strength and from February 16, 2007 Sun was in conjunction with Rahu thus disturbing the market. After 23rd march, 2007 market has the strength of touching skies. It may take some time to move towards up side but those who are associated with long-term investment will succeed.
This was the trend of markets from Ganesha's point of view but before signing off Ganesha also wants to clarify that more insights can be given after reading each individual's horoscope - whether he/she will be able to earn well from the markets or not!!!

Ganesha's Grace,
Dharmesh G. Joshi