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Stock market Crash and Future

Stock market Crash and Future

Do You Know, How Right Yantra Bring Positive Impact in Your Life.

Yantra is a kind of mantra which is created by the deities residing in it. Just as there is no difference
between body and soul, there is no difference between Yantra and deities. Yantra combines God and family.

A Vedic Yantra can help reduce the malefic or negative aspects of a planet, while strengthening only the desirable
positive influences. When a person has certain missing combinations in his/ her Personal Horoscope, or he/ she has a Dosha (Astrological combinations that are very negative), a related Yantra is prescribed. Worshipping of such an attuned Yantra can help a person vastly.

Each of the Hindu Deities and the Planets (in Astrology) are worshipped in various forms. Each of these are also
linked to a Mantra and, thus, a Vedic Yantra, an emblem or symbol of great spiritual secrets. So, one may also use an attuned Yantra as a substitute or representation of an idol or the Deity. As per the revered scripture ‘Devi Bhagwat’ – an attuned, praana prathishtith Yantra is akin to a deity’s idol, and in the absence of your deity’s idol, you may worship whole heartedly the representative Yantra itself.

Mantramaya Proktam Mantratma Devatait Hi,
Dehatmnyonaryatha Bhedo Mantra Devatayostyatha II”

मन्त्रमय प्रोक्तं मन्त्रात्मा देवतैत ही,
देहात्मनोर्यथाभेदो मंत्र देवतायोस्तथा”

This means that Yantra is a form of a Mantra, while Mantra is the representation of the God/ Deity Himself. As there is no difference between the body and soul – one is incomplete without the other, similarly there is difference
between a Yantra and the Deity.

The process of creation of a Yantra is known to represent the balancing of the five integral elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. There is a great spiritual and meditative significance
behind Yantra and Yantra worship. Since, Yantras are made in accordance with the ancient and time-tested Vedic principles, on particular dates and time, according to procedures defined by the Vedas and are charged and attuned with Siddh Mantras, they can be effectively used to remove a planet’s malice effects and increase its beneficial aspects. The act of wearing, worshipping, concentrating on or even drawing a Vedic Yantra is said to have vast spiritual or astrological or magical benefits.

A Vedic Yantra that has not been properly energised or attuned, is like a body without soul. By infusing a Yantra with directed energy, you activate its power, and hence it is very important to use an energised and attuned Vedic Yantra.

are prepared from Rekhas, Tribhujas, Vrutas, Vargas and Chakras.
Yantras are basically made from Rekhas.

Ashgandha is mainly used in creating Yantra. Gandha is very necessary for the completion of Yantra. Ingredients such as Shrichandan, Raktachandan, Gorochan, Kapur, Kasturi, Grapes, and Elephant’s Dung are used in preparing Yantra. Some Kalams are also of paramount importance in preparing Yantra. For example, for any auspicious work you use Silver Kalam, Yantras for attraction require Jamun, Yantras used for gaining control over someone require Kush, for Staman Vargad is used, Anar is used for all kinds of black magic and all other works require Chameli. All these ingredients are used in preparing Yantra.

All the Yantras are not similar. They are of different types- Bhuprusht, Kurmprusht, Padmaprusht and the well known Meruprusht Yantra.

If we classify different Yantras, they are- Sharir Yantra, Dharan Yantra, Aasan Yantra, Mandal Yantra, Puja Yantra, Chhatra Yantra, and Darshan Yantra. All these Yantras are used according to their names.

Just as our body is made up of five basic elements, the same five elements constitute Yantra as well. These five elements are earth, water, fire, air and sky. Yantra also has another three elements namely Satvaguna, Tamoguna, and Rajoguna.

No Yantra is created without any use. Yantra is created for a specific purpose in an appropriate and auspicious time. Yantra fills the place of God in absence of his idol while performing any puja. Yantra created with different characteristics, when used provides peace of mind and leads one to the path of prosperity.

1)Shri Yantra:
It is called the Yantra Raj of all the Yantras. Shri is synonymous with prosperity. If we pray this Yantra with faith, no obstacle can come in our path. It takes us away from all the sorrows of the world.Yantras. Read all about Shree Yantra.

2) Visha Yantra:
The Yantra which is shown here is the Deity of this Yantra called Adhishthata devi Chamunda. This is Navgruha yukta Visha Yantra. If we count three beads of this Yantra daily, then prosperity definitely comes our way.

3) Shatru Stambhan Yantra:
Writing this Yantra on a rock with Neem Rasa and turmeric on Sunday helps one to win over his/her enemies. Only one glance at this Yantra helps one conquer his/her enemies.

4) Yantra for victory in legal matters:
If one carves this Yantra on a silver stone on the auspicious occasion of Ravipushya, Gurupushya or Dipawali at the time of Surya Swar and prays to it daily, then victory in legal matters becomes

5) Yantra for Pandrah:
This is one miraculous Yantra. If one writes this Yantra on a silver, gold or Bhoj Patra on the auspicious occasion of Ravipushya, Gurupushya or Dipawali at the time of Chandra Swar and writes the mantra of this Yantra 12500 times, then all his/her wishes get fulfilled. This Yantra promises definite success.

6) Yantra for expansion of Business:
Writing this Yantra with red Chandan on the shop proves fruitful and brings many gains in business.

7) Surya Yantra:
This Yantra consists of eight leaves. Speaking this eight words Yantra eight times promises success and prosperity. This Yantra helps in maintaining the glow on one’s face. It is also good for eyes and also for keeping all the evil spirits away.

8)Ganesha Yantra:
We all are aware that Ganeshji is also known as Vighnaharta and Mangalkarta. So, prayer of this Yantra helps in successful completion of all the undertakings.

9) Shri Durga Yantra:
Praying to this Yantra helps in fighting diseases. It also helps in fighting with melancholy as well as death thus leading one to happiness.

10) Shri Bagulamukhi Yantra:
It is a well known Yantra. This provides all the powers of the world. It leaves a negative impact if used in a wrong way.

Know all about the powerful Kuber Yantra!

leave some effects on all the Rashis. All the Rashis and their
respective Yantras are given here.

Signs Lord Related Yantra
Aries Mars shri hanuman yantra
shri ganesh yantra
Taurus Venus shri mahalaxmi yantra
shri shri yantra
Gemini Mercury shri mahalaxmi yantra
shri ganesh yantra
Cancer Moon shri shiv yantra
shri shri yantra
Leo Sun shri surya yantra
shri gayatri yantra
Virgo Mercury shri mahalaxmi yantra
shri ganesh yantra
Libra Venus shri mahalaxmi yantra
shri shri yantra
Scorpio Mars shri hanuman yantra
shri ganesh yantra
Sagittarius Jupiter shri visnu yantra
shri datatraya yantra
Capricorn Saturn shri shakti yantra
shri hanuman

shri shani yantra
Aquarius Saturn shri shakti yantra
shri hanuman

shri shani yantra
Pisces Jupiter shri visnu yantra
shri datatraya yantra

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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