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Stars say, it’ll be difficult to beat Bata; bad news for competitors, good news for investors

Stars say, it’ll be difficult to beat Bata; bad news for competitors, good news for investors

The largest manufacturer and retailer of footwear in India, with more than 1200 stores under its belt, and business spread across the globe, Bata India Limited has come a long way since its incorporation in 1931. The fact that customers can choose from a wide range of shoes is one of the prime reasons why a small company set up in Konnagar is now a giant in the footwear industry. Bata claims to offer high quality shoes with latest technology, providing hygiene and comfort at a very attractive price. Selling more than 45 million pairs of shoes a year, serving 1,20,000 customers a day and employing
6800 people, the statistics certainly vouch for all the claims the company makes.

But times are changing. New players have entered the market and the existing ones are planning new strategies. Everyone is fighting tooth and nail to overpower the other. Bata India Limited is too huge to get affected, but it obviously cannot take the competitors for granted, especially when it has started feeling the heat. Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology foresees what destiny has in store for the company.


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The horoscope of Bata India Limited has Cancer ascendant and the Lord of ascendant posited in 7th House, the House of partner. Moon is in the Capricorn Zodiac and Sravan constellation.

The position of the Moon in the 7th House will bring honours and reputation to the firm. The relation of the company with its business associates will improve. Jupiter posited in the ascendant cancer sign will bring prosperity and success to the company. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, depicts an overall expansion. The financial status of the company will soar to new heights, foretells Ganesha. The company will also plan and
execute expansion programmes successfully.

Besides, the enterprise will do profitable business and there will be no dearth of work and opportunities. Venus posited in the House of gain in its own House denotes favourable results, provided it has harmonious influence. The company sets rules favourable to the employees. The business transactions are settled. It induces harmonious working culture in the organization. The times are good, and there seem no hurdles in the near future. Any
partnership or collaborations made will turn out to be very beneficial for the company.

Lord of finance, Sun is weakly posited in the 12th House with Saturn devoid of affliction. The work of the company will be highly appreciated. Everything, however, is not well and good. The work culture does not indicate any improvement. The liabilities of the company cannot easily be discharged. They fall prey to the conspiracy staged by the dissidents.

Rahu is transiting through the 6th House till 7th June, 2011, and as Ganesha foresees, it is an unfavourable period and may produce negative results for the company. It may inflame agitation amongst the workers and disrupt the productivity. The status of liabilities are going to cause some concern to the management.

Jupiter, transiting through the 9th and 10th House till 11th May, 2011 will bring favourable results, says Ganesha. Jupiter in the 9th House represents opportunities and business houses should utilise them for expansion. The government may enact favourable laws that can be helpful for the expansion and growth of the company. The opinion of the public will become supportive and encouraging. After May, 2011, transit in the 10th House is considered extremely favourable. The activities of the company will run smoothly, yielding favourable results. The employees and the management will enjoy peaceful time with the results as optimum output will be attained. As a result of accredited capital gains, the company’s financial position will become
sound. The business standing of the company will also be acclaimed.

Non Promoter Corporate Holding=3.0
Public & Others=15.07

For a long-term investment option, Bata India Limited is a strong scrip to buy.
Go ahead with it, says Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,