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RBL: An Astrological Analysis by Ganesha

RBL: An Astrological Analysis by Ganesha

RBL was incorporated on 10th August, 1993 as a public limited company for setting up steel rolling mill to manufacture steel bars used for civil construction purposes. RBL is a closely held company and promoted by Sh. K.K.Rathi and his two sons Sh. Anupam Rathi & Sh. Anurag Rathi. ‘RATHI’ is a well known name in the building construction industry and are pioneers to bring Foreign Technology in India in 60’s to produce specialty steels which revolutionized the civil construction industry in India.

RATHI BARS LIMITED (RBL) is one of the largest steel companies in Northern India producing the finest quality of TORr Steel under the brand name RATHIr TORr. It has been able to carve out a distinct image for itself in the steel market due to the high quality of product that it has maintained ever since production of TORr STEEL was started. Very strict quality control measures are observed from the very beginning of the production process.

Rathi Bars Limited IPO will open for subscription on 18 October 2007 and will close on 23 October 2007. Rathi Bars Limited is promoted by the Rathi family with the majority stake being owned by Kamlesh Rathi, Anurag Rathi, Anupam Rathi and other Rathi family members. The IPO issue size of Rathi Bars is pretty small at Rs. 25 crores.

Public issue of 7142857 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each for cash at a price of Rs.35/- per Equity Share including a Share Premium of Rs.25/- per Equity Share aggregating Rs.25.00 Crores (referred to as the “The Issue”), the issue will constitute 43.74% of the fully diluted post issue paid-up capital of the company. Minimum application for shares in numbers: 150 and further multiples of 150.

Looking at Sun chart, there is conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Cancer Sign in rising direction. Lord of 1st house is posited in 10th house. Mars and Jupiter are in conjunction in 3rd house whereas Rahu is posited in 5th house. Saturn is transiting in 2nd house, which is highly disappointing as it denotes poor funding, stringent payment position etc.

Over and above, it receives malefic aspect of Rahu which causes heavy resource crunch. The productivity may also go down. On the other hand, Jupiter is moving in the 5th house, which gives good results regarding training and education of workers and management. Due to this transit, the company is moving towards Indian Stock Market / speculative adventures. Transiting Mars is passing through the 12th house but it shall give positive results after November. It shall have good overseas funding and shall get good appreciation from abroad as well. Ganesha feels that transiting Mars through Cancer sign shall give better fund from retail investors as well as it shall improve the production capacity of the company.

Ganesha wishes the company all the luck for future!

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav A. Bhatt,