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Parag Agrawal Next Twitter CEO: Is He Set To Take Up The New Responsibility?

Indian Origin Parag Agrawal, an IIT-Bombay alumnus, has taken over as Twitter’s new CEO, replacing co-founder Jack Dorsey. Parag is the youngest CEO in the S&P 500. He was unanimously chosen as the next CEO by the Board of Directors.

But who is Parag Agrawal? Let us have a brief introduction of him. Parag joined Twitter in 2011 and has been serving as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since Oct 2017. As a CTO, he was in charge of the company’s technical strategy, managing initiatives to raise development velocity while also expanding the state of Machine Learning across the company. Agrawal is going to take over one of Silicon Valley’s highest-profile and politically volatile positions. But was this the only reason behind becoming Twitter’s new CEO? Maybe? Maybe not? Would you agree that even the planets had some role in helping Agrawal take over this role?

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Born in Mumbai, Parag has a conjunction of Mars with the exalted Saturn in Libra in his horoscope, which motivates him to advance in technology. Jupiter, in its own sign, is also present, which provides him good fortune. On the other hand, Venus, in its own sign, constantly inspires him to stay connected on social media.

A few days ago, the transit of Jupiter took place over the natal Moon. According to Parag’s solar chart, Moon was in the house of profession. Thus, changing the zodiac sign of Jupiter has brought opportunities for his promotion. However, there was also a combination of Sun and Rahu, which created a Grahan Dosha. Due to this, he may not get the same level of appreciation for his work compared to other competitors CEOs of companies. Plus, Rahu is transiting over natal Venus and Sun, which can bring challenging times for Agrawal.

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