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Mukesh Ambani: Success story by Ganesha

Mukesh Ambani: Success story by Ganesha

There has been much speculation on Mukesh Ambani’s wealth of late. He has indeed become the world’s richest person leaving behind icons like Bill Gates and Sunil Mittal. Even if one adds what he holds directly in his flagship Reliance Industries as well as through RIL in IPCL, Reliance Petroleum and Reliance Infrastructure, his personal wealth works out to about $58 billion (around Rs 2,27,690 crore). Ganesha throws light on the planetary positions in his birth chart responsible for his wealth status.

Due to an exalted Sun, he is the king of business and a leader. In seventh house, there is powerful conjunction of Ketu and Mercury (Mercury governs business). The placement of Sun in seventh house is giving him fame and name. The placement of exalted Sun with Mercury and Ketu along with ascendant Lord Venus in the 7th house makes him powerful as a businessman. Moreover, there is trine situation between Jupiter and Moon. Furthermore, the Lord of fifth house Saturn is situated in the second house of income. Likewise, eighth Lord Venus is in seventh house and it is aspecting the first house. Currently, he is under the favourable influence of Antardasha of Saturn (Saturn is fifth house of Share market Lord) in Mahadasha of Rahu. At present, transiting Jupiter is passing over the Natal Saturn. Natal Moon is being aspected by Mars. This is forming Sasimanale Rajyoga. This is the reason for his immense success. Considering all these factors and other situations, Mukesh Ambani became the richest person in the world.

Ganesha foresees more success for him in the coming days and wishes the best for hime.Get a detailed analysis of your birth chart and know the current Mahadasha you are facing.

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