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Microsoft and Yahoo deal through Ganesha’s lens

Microsoft and Yahoo deal through Ganesha’s lens

Microsoft and Yahoo deal is not only favorable for Yahoo but it will also have favorable impacts on the online products of Microsoft. Ganesha believes that Microsoft’s takeover of Yahoo might be the solution to many problems. Microsoft said that Yahoo cannot work independently after the takeover. This news has shaken the Internet industry. Ganesha gives his views in this matter.

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Ganesha analyzes the Horary Chart of Microsoft and Yahoo deal. The question was asked that “Will Microsoft takeover Yahoo”? Ganesha sees Cancer Ascendant with 24:02:00 degrees whereas Moon is posited in Scorpio sign with 25:21:00 degrees. Position of Sun should also be considered. Sun is posited in 7th house with 19:04:00 degrees. Very interesting point in this Horary Chart is that Ascendant and Moon both are posited in Gandant. Moreover, Sun is posited in the cusp of 7th house. Therefore, the answer to the event will be mysterious. Another question was asked during Mercury-Rahu-Ketu Mahadasha. Here dasha nath is retrograde and posited in 7th house.

Ganesha feels that finalization of this deal may take some time because 10th and 12th house should also be considered. Lord of 10th house is posited in 12th house with 00:08:00 degrees whereas lord of 12th house is retrograde and posited in 7th house. So, Microsoft has decided to purchase Yahoo, but the dealing pattern will take a new shape, says Ganesha. During the finalization of deal Yahoo may change its opinion regarding the negotiation of price structure.

Ganesha wishes both Yahoo and Microsoft all the best for this big deal.

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