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MG Astor’s Features Revealed: Here’s What to Expect

MG Astor’s Features Revealed: Here’s What to Expect

MG (Morris Garages), a British car company now based in China, has just revealed the features of its new car in India, MG Astor. The car belongs to the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) category, which enjoys popularity in India. MG Motors’ India line-up includes premium cars like MG Hector, Gloster, and ZS EV. Their latest product, Astor, is presumed to be launched next month in India.

Like the manufacturer’s previous models, Astor is also predicted to be equipped with advanced technology. Some of them are a total of 80 internet features, an inbuilt Jio e-SIM, and a Level-2 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

How will this model perform in India? Let’s open our sunroofs to the future and have a look!

MG Motors was established on July 21, 1930. It was a very auspicious time due to which the journey of 91 years of MG Motors has been possible. Moon and Mars conjunction in the company’s Kundli can be considered as a reason for this.

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But will this launch be successful? If we consider next month’s Navratri launch (Oct 9, 2021), it does not look very good. Sun, Mars, and Mercury are making a conjunction in the horoscope of MG Motors. Moreover, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter & the conjunction of Ketu and Venus is there. These planetary positions may not give the company good results in the future.

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