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Market behavior in Vikram Samvat 2067

Market behavior in Vikram Samvat 2067

There were times when a person could keep a scrip afloat and nominal changes were observed in the share prices even when business ventures used to show positive results. But not today, as times have changed completely! Foreign investors, traders, institutions, government banks and mutual funds closely observe and contribute to the happenings of the businesses as well as of the market. It is difficult to understand things completely. And taking decisions based merely on the technical knowledge, fundamental news or tips is not a foolproof method any more. It is here that astrological advice comes handy in stock trade.

This holds true especially for the small-time investors or traders who have limited knowledge of the big picture pertaining to the share market and the overall factors affecting it.

India has a lot calenders, and all of them have followings depending on the region. The Hindu lunar calender starting from the day after Diwali, followed by the Gujaratis is referred as the Vikram Samvat. The year starting after the upcoming Diwali is the Vikram Samvat 2067. Lets have a look at the major astronomical transits during the period in consideration.

  • During the initial period of the year in consideration, Jupiter will transit through Aquarius, a sign ruled by Saturn. From 06/12/2010 onwards till 08/05/2011, Jupiter will be in his own sign, transiting through Pisces. Again from 09/05/2011 till the end of the year, it will be travelling through the Aries, a sign ruled by Mars.
  • Saturn will spend the year in the Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury; a planet considered friendly with Saturn.
  • During the initial phase of the year, Rahu will be in the fiery sign of Sagittarius and then it transits to Scorpio with effect from 07/06/2011 where it will spend the next 18 months.
  • During the initial phase of the year, Ketu will in the airy sign of Gemini and then it transits to Taurus with effect from 07/06/2011 where it will spend the next 18 months.

When it comes to the stock market, expect some changes and mixed results. Ganesha says that a combination of technical, fundamental and astrological knowledge is likely to be beneficial to anyone striving to move ahead now. Friends, the prediction about this column was accurate last year. Now you realise, how beneficial it is to maintain/preserve the yearly graph?

Do not have high hopes for the period between 02/11/2010 to 06/12/2010, as the period will tend to be illusionary in the overall sense. You will not be able rake in profits in time, therefore the only option left for you will be to keep on trading. The liquidity in the market will increase rapidly; however, you will need to remain careful while carrying on intra-day trading otherwise you will end up being an investor for a long time in the market.

Stock markets will be somewhat direction-less for the period between 07/12/2010 and 31/12/2010. Dealing will prove to be fruitless, says Ganesha. While there will be a mixed pattern in the market, Nifty will search for directions.

As the year 2011 begins with a solar eclipse, the market will be able to sustain the consolidation trend for some time.

You are likely to come across a buying trend at Nifty from 07/01/2011 to 26/01/2011. There will be more value and volume generation in the heavy-weight scrips, predicts Ganesha. Nevertheless, market is still searching for directions, so be cautious and deal wisely.

During 27/01/2011 to 11/02/2011, the stock market will be struggling a lot to be on the positive side, but the planetary positions are not at all going to favour the same. Hence be aware, anything can happen! A lot of block deals will be made during this period.

From 12/02/2011 to 10/04/2011 Nifty will make you do jobbing. Ganesha advises you to take entry and exit keeping a small margin, without expecting much profit. Although the range looks set to remain narrow, Ganesha foresees a seemingly steady market.

Compared to earlier situation, the Index group shares will have a buying trend on the upper side from 11/04/2011 to 24/04/2011. Draw limits for the profits as well as the losses. The market will got through a lot of action, and there are chances that the valuation stock will earn profits.

The market will be able to sustain its strength on the upper side from 25/04/2011 to 07/06/2011. However don’t expect a lot, as this may disappoint you. Move out with one rupee margin also, if needed. The retail investors may remain silent during this period, predicts Ganesha.

During 08/06/2011 to 25/06/2011, Rahu entering into Scorpio Ascendant of Mars will make the markets highly volatile, and there will be a lot of movement northwards, foresees Ganesha. You can observe the monsoon effect here. Focus on the organic growth; you will enjoy trading.

Due to a very high volatility, the market will be on the negative side from 26/06/2011 to 17/07/2011. The results can be devastating, if you delay in your dealings once stop-loss has triggered the market, and it can disappoint you to a great extent. Beware!

The stock market will be sort of inactive between 18/07/2011 and 13/10/2011. Yet, during this time, always be alert not only for the profits, but also for the losses. The market will need some kind of space for the movements; however, you should strive to be patient while keeping a watchful eye over the developments.

Ganesha foretells that from 14/10/2011 onwards till 07/11/2011, the market will fluctuate more on the negative side. After a loss or profit making transaction, do not do anything immediately, rather re-enter the market after taking Ganesha’s blessings. It is also quite possible that the negative bias may increase during this phase.

From 16/11/2011, Saturn enters into Libra. Also, during the period of 31/10/2011 to 21/06/2012 Mars will be in Leo. Looking at these planetary movements, Ganesha advises those with the Leo sign to remain calm, composed and poised as Mars, which otherwise stays in a sign for some days only, will be in the Leo sign for as long as eight months.

Later, the market will be on the upper side, and this will be the effect of Saturn preparing to enter into Libra from 08/11/2011 to 11/12/2011. During this phase, when existing transactions are at a loss, do not enter into fresh deals, advises Ganesha.

The impact of the eclipse can be observed in the market from the period between 12/12/2011 to 08/01/2012, and shall cause profit booking, so there’s no need to worry. Do not go for average during this period, otherwise it will become extremely difficult for you to come back in the range. In fact, Ganesha advises that you buy at every dip, and sell and move out with some margin.

The time periods mentioned here are meant to provide you a bigger picture, as they account for quite a large perspective. Along with that, monthly as well as weekly positions and everyday movements of the Moon are also required to be considered to come to any definite conclusion. Also, whether your birth chart suggests any gain from the stock market or not, is a major deciding factor. Thus, take these as guidelines, which can then be strengthened and defined as per your natal charts by your astrologer.

With the blessings of Lord Ganesha,
Dharmesh Joshi,
GaneshaSpeaks.com team