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Indian Rupee to stabilise in coming months, foresees Ganesha

Indian Rupee to stabilise in coming months, foresees Ganesha

Close on the heels of the turbulent global economic scenario, Indian Rupee has been experiencing a rather alarming fall since a couple of months. Falling value of the INR has not only been creating panic, but it also has been adding fuel to the fire in an already crisis ridden Indian economic and political scene. With Indian Rupee’s falling value against US$ and in the markets across the world, many economists and sceptics are predicting an impending doom. What will this situation result into? When will INR stabilise? Or is it really the beginning of an imminent economic disaster? Let’s probe this issue with the basis of Vedic Astrology.

There has been already a plenty of speculation about the new symbol of Rupee, and it not being very lucky for the Indian economy. Astrology too doesn’t see the launch date of the new Rupee symbol as fortunate. Keeping in view this fact, the analysis of the Rupee’s falling value has been done using the Solar chart (Surya Kundali) created for 15th July 2010, the date when the new symbol of Indian Rupee (INR) was launched.

In the aforementioned Solar Chart, the Ascendant Lord is Gemini, and by the natal placement itself Sun and Ketu are in conjunction in the First House (Ascendant). As per this chart, the Lord of the growth of the House of Finance and Economy House is Moon, and the Moon is posited in the Third House in Magha Constellation that is ruled by Ketu. Hence, it may be noted that both the luminaries, Sun and Moon are under a significant influence of Ketu (a negative feature).

On analysing the Vimshottari Mahadasha picture of this chart, it can be noted that the ongoing Mahadasha is Venus’ Mahadasha, while the Antardasha ongoing is also of Venus. However, the Pratiantardasha that is ongoing is Rahu’s. The Rahu Pratiantardasha will continue up to 7th August 2012.

Now if we consider the recent planetary transits, the Jupiter’s entry in Taurus from 19th May 2012 onwards can be said as a significant one for this chart. When Jupiter entered in Taurus, Ketu was already posited in Taurus. The result of the Jupiter transit is thus evident – the fluctuation in Indian Rupee has increased post the said date of 19th May 2012. However, fortunately, now the degreecal gap between Ketu & Jupiter has been continuously increasing. Owing to this, the negative bearing and hence the effect of Ketu has been decreasing, and it shall wane, to a great extent, by the end of the year.

Keeping in mind the entire planetary research, it may surmised that post 7th August 2012, things shall definitely start looking up for INR, as Rahu’s Pratiantardasha is coming to an end. Besides, post 23rd December 2012, things shall surely start getting quite stable, and Rupee may stabilise to a great extent, feels Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team