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Cinemax India to drive in Gujarat with multiplexes

Cinemax India to drive in Gujarat with multiplexes

Even after the advent of CDs and DVDs, the charm of cinema houses has remained intact till the date. Thanks to multiplexes, which are flocked by mass to get more than cinematic entertainment. Cinemax India Ltd has revolutionized the movie-watching experience with all luxuries, comforts and facilities at the cinema halls. Cinemax is part of the Kanakia Group, a company which has around 20 years of experience in real estate development. The group has developed more than 5 million square feet of residential and commercial real estate.

Ganesha would also love to know what is behind the screen of Cinemax India.

Cinemax India Ltd

Technical Fact sheet:

Objectives of the Company

1) Setting up new theatres across the country.
2) General corporate expenses including acquisitions and capital expenditure.

Scrip Code 532807
Company Name Cinemax India
Listing in B1 Group
ISIN INE704H01014

Originally, company was incorporated on May 22, 2002 as Cineline Entertainment (India) Private Limited. But Later on the name had been changed to Cinemax India Ltd. The company has Taurus rising Ascendant with conjunction of Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Mercury in first house. There is also conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Mars in second house. Retrograde Mars is transiting over Natal Jupiter, Mars and Venus. Whereas Jupiter is transiting from its eighth house. This transit of Jupiter is very favorable for gaining wealth through foreign clients as well as it aspects on fifth house of tangible assets. Company shall set up new theatres across the country during short time. But Ganesha also feels that the Company may also have to bear some capital expenditure including corporate expenditure during these projects. Company may also launch a Multiplex theater in Gujarat’s Capital also.

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