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2011 Overview of Anil Ambani and his ADAG companies

2011 Overview of Anil Ambani and his ADAG companies

Anil Ambani, the fourth richest Indian as of 2010, with a personal wealth of $13.7 billion is one of the most successful businessmen of India. At the helm of the ADAG GROUP, he spearheaded the country’s first forays into overseas capital markets with international public offerings of global depositary receipts, convertibles and bonds. He has however been in the news for the wrong reasons much to the chagarin of the investors. The SEBI has fined ADAG to the tune of Rs.50 crore and imposed a ban till the end of 2011. With this as the background, Ganesha tries to predict the year ahead for him and his ventures.

Anil Ambani (04 June 1959)


General personality sketch:
Anil Ambani is a Taurean and thus would be very hard-working and very patient while being extremely stubborn like a bull, says Ganesha. He would be a consummate materialist. He is best suited for banks, large corporations, entertainment media etc. Taureans usually have a pacific disposition, but when they get angry they can rain hell fire. They use diplomacy to produce results, and hence make very good administrators. He would be very much attached to his family, friends & relatives. He can be a very good host, feels Ganesha.

  • He is passing through the Vimshottari Mahadasha of Jupiter till 2022. He will be under the effect of Saturn Antardasha till 08/07/2011 after which he will pass through the Antardasha of Mercury and the Pratyantardasha of Ketu till the year end. While the Dashas, Antardashas and the Pratyantar dashas are neither favourable nor unfavourable, he is actually being hit by the unfavourable Gochara transits, opines Ganesha.
  • Saturn is passing through Virgo, his fifth house. After 15/11/2011 it transits to Libra. Saturn’s passage through the fifth house is considered precipitous as it causes recession in business and reduction of the work force, while on the speculatory front, pursuits yield negative results. Between 07/05/2011 and 01/08/2011, when Saturn passes over his natal Rahu posited in the fifth house, it is a crucial period for him; this may cause the resources of the company to get drained and may even precipitate financial crisis, warns Ganesha.
  • Saturn the lord of his destiny & profession (lord of the 9th and 10th house) is retrograde and is posited in the Moola Nakshatra of Sagittarius. Rahu is currently passing through Sagittarius and this is considered unfavourable as it signals trouble and disaster. The commercial activities face reverses. The laws framed by the Government become stringent. After 07/06/2011, when Rahu transits to Scorpio, the seventh house representing the partners and public dealings signals the danger of getting into confrontations with the business associates, clandestine activities, etc. says Ganesha
  • His third lord, Moon is in the Bharani nakshatra in twelfth house Aries. Ganesha finds him impulsive, impatient and easily excitable. His volatile temper will have him eating the humble pie. He could end up isolating himself from people by his reckless bursts of anger. Ganesha feels, he prefers to live a solitary life.
  • Jupiter’s transit through Pisces over his natal Ketu in 11th house is resulting in trade and other commercial ventures not yielding sufficient profits. Expansion programmes may also prove unprofitable. But after 09/05/2011, Jupiter moves to Aries, his 12th house over his natal moon. It is favourable. Jupiter is the planet for expansion hence, all big budgeted plans may progress well. Jupiter helps in accumulation of wealth. The collection of debts goes as per the plans. However, should Jupiter receives favourable influences, it would give rise to heavy expenditure but in turn yield sumptuous profits, feels Ganesha.
  • Mars, which generally spends about one-and-a-half months in a sign will stay in Leo, his fourth house of mental peace for a period of close to 8 months between 31/10/2011 to 21/06/2012. As Mars, a natural malefic when posited in a fiery sign like Leo will create anxiety and tempt him to take rash judgements, cautions Ganesha

Reliance Capital:

  • The company has Sagittarius ascendant with Venus and Mars in the ascendant. Rahu is transiting through Sagittarius.
  • Natal Mercury, Jupiter and Sun are posited in Scorpio, its twelfth house. When Rahu transits to Scorpio around June 2011, it may bring about negative results for the company. Jupiter transits to Aries, its fifth house in May 2011, which will be supportive. Thus, Ganesha feels that one should book profits at every jump.

Reliance Communications:

  • The company has Aries as the ascendant. When Jupiter transits to Aries after May 2011, it will give good results. Mercury, the significator of communication, is posited in its debilitation sign of Pisces in conjunction with Rahu.
  • If they join hands with an overseas partner, Ganesha foresees a lot of potential. Presently, be on hold.

Reliance Infrastructure:

  • Pisces is the ascendant of this company. Moon is exhalted in the third House of Taurus. There is overall potential in the horoscope of Reliance Infra.
  • You may notice high volatility in the scrip during the period between 31/10/2011 and 21/06/2012. Between 22/06/2012 and 01/12/2012 get away from the scrip and book profits.

Reliance Media Works Ltd:

  • The company has Aquarius ascendant. Yogakaraka Venus, the lord of a trine and a quadrant is posited in the ascendant.
  • The lord of the seventh house of public dealings, partnership, Sun is posited in the sign of Sagittatius with Ketu. This indicates that there will be a paucity of benefits from the public, partners and as the Sun is involved, also the Government.
  • The scrip is worth holding on to with a long term perspective. With the perspective of trading one may be able to work on volumes and value during 01/06/2013 to 14/07/2015.

Reliance Power:

  • The company has Pisces as the ascendant with Saturn and Ketu posited in the sixth house while Rahu is in the twelfth house. The natural significator of power, Sun is posited in the inimical sign of Capricorn. This causes the liability of the company to increase.
  • Overall, Ganesha feels that one may see better movement after 20/06/2014. Till then Ganesha advises delivery based intraday. Ganesha feels that this may be a good deal with very long term perspective.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team