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Your Spirituality and transits of Saturn and Jupiter

Your Spirituality and transits of Saturn and Jupiter

The other day an oldie came on an unannounced visit. Him being oldie, I did not resist his intrusion. He looked alittle aggrieved over some issue baffling him. I allowed him to relax so that he may open out without reservations.

I know him as a simple person, always conscious of his mental inclination towards spirituality. His main grievance was that since a couple of years, he did not seem to enjoy his spiritual consciousness to the fullest. Doubts and uncertainty would creep in. Doubts about the very fundamental values imbibed by him over the years would arise. He was seeking explanation and due guidance for this state of mind in astrological terms.

Ganesha feels that those with strong spiritual inclinations are likely to start feeling depressed at times with entry of Saturn in Leo. Leo is a fiery sign in astrological terms. Fiery signs have strong potential for spiritual upliftment. Leo is governed by Sun. Sun is symbolic of Soul the “Atma”. Atma means your own self. Qualities manifested by Sun are right opposite to Saturn. People with Leo as Sun sign or rising sign are usually confident, perhaps due to their strong spiritual developments in the previous birth. They generally have a wide spectrum of friends. Sun is expression and openness to the fullest. Activities start buzzing with the rise of Sun. Saturn is right opposite this. Leo is the enemy sign of Saturn. This means Saturn is weak here. A weak Saturn leads to contraction, restriction, selfishness, timidity, doubts and in turn some level of uncertainty when it transits through a weak sign or it is placed therein.

In view of this transit of Saturn through Leo, it induces a feeling of loneliness, uncertainty leading to insecurity. In turn, all those positive vibes of Sun get shadowed during the transit of Saturn through Leo. One then doubts his/her own degree of inclination towards spirituality. It is likely to become difficult to remain calm even while meditating. This increases the level of frustration.

Now at this juncture, transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius, again a fiery sign assumes importance. Sagittarius bears strong potential for achieving yhe highest state of knowledge and bliss. As scriptures say, pain ends on achieving the state of ultimate bliss backed by knowledge of the Ultimate.

Transiting Jupiter has trine aspect over Leo and Saturn transiting therein. People with strong spiritual leanings can depend upon positive vibes of the transiting Jupiter. By influencing Leo, Jupiter supports the cause of people with strong spiritual inclinations. Jupiter in Sagittarius stands for knowledge of the Ultimate, leading to a permanent state of bliss and joy. In view of this it is recommended to regularly read scriptures and then ponder over the same while meditating and also in spare time. In turn, this allows you to remain in an environment conducive to spiritual activity. Besides, entry of Mars in Leo from around 21st June, seems good for pursuing spiritual activity effectively. Transit of Mars will allow you to have the right place wherein you may peacefully follow your objectives in the spiritual field.

After reminding basics of spirituality, my friend’s spirit was rejuvenated and went happily to follow his pursuit of a higher spiritual state. I hope this may help others following this royal path less trodden.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendra H Thakor,