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Working from Home: Pros, Cons, & Your Zodiac Signs

Those who wanted the perk of working from home as their work-life got their wish fulfilled when the pandemic struck (hard). The reasons they gave were no hassle of commuting, having the luxury to sleep without setting alarms, working on their own schedule, no more cold meals, freedom to book home maintenance, and other housework during their free time in the day.

Work from home has now become a fashion trend. Life without having to take the metro/bus or having no formal dress code sounds very fascinating, some people even earn the peace and love working from home, but it has its own set of drawbacks when you’re cooped up at home all day long.
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The drawbacks and perks of working from home are more evident than one might think. Although many people are returning to work as economies recover—there’s a whole bulk of whom would be unable to work remotely.
The virus has torn down cultural and technological barriers that formerly precluded remote employment, causing a structural shift where people work, at least for some.

One thing to notice is that the potential for work from home or remote work is determined by tasks and activities a person does and not occupations. But then again, it is excessively prevalent among highly competent individuals, highly educated workforce in a handful of industries, professions, and geographies.

Roaming in your PJs all day and working from your living room couch has become a reality. Working from home, they say. But the trade-off is often inhumanly long working hours, n number of virtual meetings, and the very but now blurred lines between your professional and personal life. So let’s see what each sun sign has to say;

For Aries, It can be difficult to decipher the subtext of what your colleague is saying when you’re working remotely and communication has gone digital. Give your (admirably) hot emotions a second to breathe before responding to a “per my last email.”

You like to wake up on some mornings and slowly sip coffee while gazing at your plants while snuggled in a warm blanket. Taurus may prefer working from home to working in an office in many ways; after all, they get to spend time with your books, pets, plants, and pillows.

Gemini is adaptable to change as a mutable sign and will flourish working from home, most likely with an Instagram-ready setup. As Mercury, the planet of communication that rules this sign, you may struggle to adjust to the lack of excitement and communication if you are working from home for the first time.

Cancer is known for being a homebody for a reason. This crab is probably fine remaining at home. Plus, with munchies around and activities to keep you entertained, you’re good to go. So put on some comfortable clothes and set up a nice cozy space to work from.

No denying that it must be hard for Leo to work from home. When others compliment you on a job well done, you are the happiest. So now dress up as it’ll help you get in the mood of getting things done. Discover new methods to stay connected and take advantage of the digital era. Keep your active mind and do professional brainstorming in full force.

Virgo is a perfectionist, so it doesn’t matter whether they work from home or office because this earth sign can do incredibly well irrespective of the space. You’re also a mutable sign, which means you’re adaptable and perceive change as a challenge rather than a setback.

It can be tough for Libra to stay focused and complete chores in the sequence they had anticipated without the discipline of a workplace or a team gazing over your laptop computer. Make a to-do list that includes a schedule and stick to it. Then treat yourself to a spontaneous break or a fun evening.

Being a Scorpio, it may be beneficial to meditate each morning to ground your emotions and channel your intensity into work. You thrive when you’re pushed to your limits, so set deadlines for yourself. This can help you feel more focused and less like you’re floating through your days of working from home.

Sagittarius is a fire sign that thrives on adventure. Being locked up indoors during working days might cause a lot of stress. WFH after being a boss at an office can be difficult for the archer, who is used to working or playing in the forests. When possible, use virtual meetings over the phone to help you relax.

Even while working from home, burnout can occur for Capricorn. So, quit working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You are a very disciplined individual; instead of using that discipline to work nonstop, utilise it to establish a clear border between personal and professional life.

Discussions with people, explaining your concepts, and defending your views are all things Aquarius thrives on. Being far away from the office doesn’t mean missing out on water cooler banter or networking opportunities. Instead, use the technology to erase that.

Pisces can quickly adapt to working from home, but you’ll need to stick to a plan to keep on track, as you already have a strong desire to listen to music, sunbathe, and just party. We all (particularly Pisces) must strike a balance between taking time off and being available to those who rely on us.

Thanks to technological advancements that allow for people to work from home and carry out remote work.

After multiple surveys, it was noted that 60% of remote workers say they are more content and satisfied working from home than in the office.

Working from home provides a quieter environment that allows for more focused work; because there are fewer interruptions than in an office setting. Working from home doesn’t mean you’ll be less productive. Some feel that working from home is equally or rather more productive than in the workplace.

Working from home gives you greater flexibility and adaptability in your work schedule. Employees may be better positioned and more willing to work flexible hours since they can use the time saved from the daily commute to begin work earlier or later in the day, or even on weekends if they are no longer tethered to an office. This could also help them satisfy certain company demands, such as dealing with customers located in a different time zone.

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The flexibility of working from home can help employees meet childcare obligations, minimise their commute, and fit their job around their personal lives, which can help them retain staff. Staff will feel more trusted by their employer if they are allowed to work from home, which can lead to higher levels of employee loyalty.

Working from home makes employees happier and more energised, which means their immune systems are less likely to be affected by burnout.

For all the supporters of work from home, you should know that WFH isn’t all rainbows and unicorns: Here are five unexpected ways that working from home may be harmful to your well-being!

Working from home isn’t a dream come true that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it can be detrimental to your mental health. Having a commute home from work allows you to disconnect from the stresses of your job mentally. When you work from home, that transition disappears, and the distinction between work and home life blurs. Consider this: it’s challenging to leave work stress at work when your office is only down the hall from your bedroom.

While working from home eliminates distractions from coworkers, it might be difficult to maintain a social life. You will feel isolated if you spend eight hours of your day inside with little to no human connection. Like, come on, we don’t live on islands anymore. Working from home eliminates the benefits of office friendships, which makes work life much more fun (and you know it)!

If you want to work from the comfort of your own home, you can somewhat say goodbye to inspiration. You can bet that you will choose to sleep in if you are not needed to get to work early (not only dedicated to all the lazy people out there). When you aren’t confronted with the regular workplace social conventions, you will be significantly less inclined to perform things that will boost your motivation levels, such as getting up early and looking your best! Because you know when you look best, you feel best.

This is what we’ll refer to as the refrigerator issue. Or the TV problem. Working from home might be a natural discipline for some people. For the most part, it involves attentive observation and adjustment of behaviour. Everything from personal cleanliness to deciding when to call it a day can be difficult. And anything that has an impact on an employee’s physical or mental health will have an impact on their work.

differently than you do! You will surely be more efficient in coming up with creative solutions if you operate in a team and bounce ideas off your coworkers. You may say goodbye to the wonderful powers of teamwork when the only interaction you have with your coworkers during the day is a Google Hangout or Zoom Calls!
Now that you have your facts clear and all the info you could possibly get, what are your thoughts?
The Future of Working from Home is Hybrid.

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