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Venus – Ketu Conjunction in Virgo

Venus - Ketu Conjunction in Virgo

From 03/11/2023 to 29/11/2023, the conjunction of Venus and Ketu seems to occur in Virgo for 27 days. The most important thing is that there is a difference of sky and land between both the planets, such that both the planets are said to have opposite ideologies. These two different planets, if they come together, might affect your zodiac sign to a great extent. Let’s see its effects on different zodiac signs.

Venus is said to rule over many important matters, such as your aura, beauty, wealth, happiness, marriage, love and relationships, physical pleasures, pleasures of the senses, water-related items, family properties, vehicles, jewellery, arts, dance, music, acting, fragrance, cosmetics, hotel, beauty, show off, material pleasure, fashion, sensuality, sexual power, physical relations, hotel, restaurant, tour and travel, music, painting, art, luxury car, fashion designing, or anything related to decoration, branded things, short hair, and all kind of pleasant things, as well as venus also rules the happiness between husband and wife after marriage.

The planet Ketu is considered to be the factor of salvation. This planet seems to create unexpressed excellent thoughts in the person’s mind. This planet might also bring sudden big changes in the life of any individual, it might also bring unspecified serious problems, a person might also have to face sudden health problems due to Ketu, and this planet might reduce the self-confidence and self-satisfaction of the person. This planet is associated with suddenness, advice, discrimination, and intellectual and physical courage. Moreover, it is also associated with Tantric power.

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For Aries Ascendant, this conjunction seems to take place in the 6th house, which might increase temporary enemies for you; you might face challenges in health such that you might have to spend in hospital, and your expenses might also increase due to your health issues. The conjunction might create such circumstances that it might become difficult for you to handle expenditures related to health issues. As far as the job is concerned, you might have to change the place of your job. For business people, there might be differences of opinion if it’s a partnership.

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For Taurus, this conjunction seems to take place in the 5th house, hence students might lose their focus in studies, which might automatically increase the worries of the children for the parents. This time might be called the toughest time for love relations such that it might become difficult for them to pass through this period comfortably. There might be a decrease in social contact. Also, many negative feelings might increase in the mind during this period.

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For the Gemini zodiac sign, this conjunction seems to be in the 4th house which also indicates that you might travel to any pilgrimage. There might be possibilities of sudden purchase of land, buildings etc due to which your budget might also increase. You might be worried about your mother’s health, as well as your mental anxiety might also increase. You might witness a sudden change in your profession which you might not like. You might also experience an increase in inner strength, as well as the facilities of a luxurious life which might not be easy.

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This conjunction of Cancer seems to be in the 3rd house, which might also bring ups and downs in your emotional relationship with your siblings.  You might have a desire to take risks. It is predicted that you might get success in every task but you have to struggle for the same. You have chances of going abroad or on a short trip during this conjunction. Remember that it is important to keep checking your schedule and timetable regularly so that your work isn’t affected. You might also feel some sudden changes in your luck.

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For Leo, this conjunction seems to take place in the 2nd house, which has the power to cause both sudden financial gains and losses, hence, it is necessary to work by making a strategy.  You might face sudden questions in your family life and get the solution after the end of this conjunction. There might also be harshness in your speech, so you must be very careful in your communication.

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For Virgo, this conjunction seems to take place in the 1st house, which might bring changes in your thoughts, you might witness happiness and spiritual growth. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to health because it might cause ups and downs in health. It is also possible that you might get wounded. You might not get the support of luck during this period, but it is advisable not to lose hope because somewhere things are meant to be in your favour with the blessings of God.

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For Libra, this conjunction might take place in the 12th house, such that everything might be mixed because Venus is auspicious here whereas Ketu tries to reduce the results, but this conjunction might bring momentum for you in foreign-abroad related work. You might make expenses on religious activities, and there are chances of progress in esoteric and spiritual terms, but in the future, it might also increase attachment to worldly pleasures, thus there might be a conflict between the two ideologies.

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For Scorpio, this conjunction seems to be in the 11th house, due to which cooperation from elders and friends is necessary, it might become the basis for new work, migration might happen for job and profession, and you might make expenses to get name and fame. You might hope to get great benefits in doing so and you might work hard for it. Meanwhile, your willpower might become strong. There is a possibility of completion of the work you had started earlier. Overall, this conjunction seems to be good for you.

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For Sagittarius, this conjunction seems to be in the 10th house which is the house of karma, hence the workload related to the profession might also increase during this period, major decisions related to the business need to be put on temporary hold and new products or expansions need to be implemented slowly. Overall, this conjunction seems not to be beneficial for you. For this reason, your mind might not work the way you want it to and might generate a feeling of dissatisfaction, you might also have to be careful in government-related tenders. It seems that you might see differences of opinion with higher officials.

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In Capricorn, this conjunction seems to occur in the 9th house which depends on luck, destiny and fortune. There might be a change in the fate of the father. You might not get the desired support from friends. Your migration might be completed after great difficulties, if you are doing any education course then it might get delayed. You might spend your expenses on auspicious and religious occasions.

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For Aquarius, this conjunction might take place in the 8th house, which might cause unexpected financial hurdles, and your investments might also get blocked. It seems that whatever money you give your family might be stopped. You might face health issues probably related to heat and you have to take care of it.  If you buy any property or vehicle then the budget might increase, this place also indicates tantra-mantra, yoga, meditation and spirituality. Your speech might get harsh during this period so be careful in communication.

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For Pisces, this conjunction seems to be in the 7th house which might create discord in the marital life of husband and wife. This conjunction might also give challenges in your married life. You might find that your Spouse’s health might deteriorate. Relations with relatives and family members might also deteriorate during this conjunction. You might see that your marital relationship is not going that well during this time. You need to be careful in public as well as in your social life.

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